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Heaven's Key
Heavens key thumb
Weapon Info
Base Weight
446,000 G

Heaven's Key is a weapon available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Daggers infused with divine might through a method lost to time. Their holy enchantment will never fade."

Usable ByEdit

FighterNDDicon striderMageN DDicon assassinDDicon magicarcherMagicknightN WarriorNDDicon rangerSorcererN


Stars 0t
Stars 1t
Stars 2t
Stars 3t
DFIcon SRIcon GRIcon
N/A 80,300 G 249,800 G
King Bay Leaf x6
769,400 G
Purpure Crystal x9
Click here for
6900 RC
Surging Light Tome x3
10,900 RC
Ruinous Relic x3
Strength 258 276 296 319 345 388 475
Magick 418 447 480 518 560 671 773
Slash Strength 100%
Bludgeoning Strength 0%
Stagger Power 269 269 274 298 333 372 426
Knockdown Power 269 269 274 298 333 372 426
Element Holy
Debilitations - - - - - - -
Weight 0.74 0.74 0.70 0.63 0.56 0.56 0.56



  • Random reward for slaying the Ur-Dragon (Offline and Online). One does not need to land the killing blow to the Online Ur-Dragon to get this item as it can be part of the reward for contributing towards one generation's demise.

Enhancement Item LocationsEdit


  • These are the most powerful (magickal damage) daggers that can be gifted or traded to another Pawn.
  • Considered the best daggers to use against the Ur-Dragon due to its permanent Holy enchantment, which the Ur-Dragon is weak against.
  • Heaven's Key is a split-damage weapon that will attack both the physical and magickal damage thresholds. Arming a character with a high magick stat with this weapon can be very effective since the magickal melee damage threshold is significantly lower than the physical one.
  • Magic-enhancing augments like Acuity and Attunement increase the effectiveness of magic imbued weapons. Acuity and Attunement are the magic-boosting equivalents of Clout and Vehemence for physical strength-boosting.
  • Although they are NOT the most powerful primary weapons in the game, Holy enchanted weapons like Ascalon, Heaven's Key, Cursed Light, Totem Mace, Dwells-In-Light, and Angel's Fist are arguably the most useful and versatile weapons to wield since they damage EVERY creature type in the game (except Death and the Dark Bishop) and are VERY effective against ghost enemy types, Undead, Skeletons, Living Armor and the Ur-Dragon. For Death and the Dark Bishop specifically, one should bring along a straight physical damage weapon like Framae Blades, Devilsbane etc.
  • This weapon has a minimal level 41 requirement without a stamina drain penalty. Any character using this weapon who is below the level 41 requirement will experience RAPID stamina loss, with regular attacks, skill usage and running. In addition, stamina recovers at a much slower rate. Even just having Heaven's Key daggers equipped will cause stamina drain when using a Rusted Bow for regular attacks if the character is below the minimal level 41 requirement for the Heaven's Key daggers. Presumably, this is a game balancing measure to ensure new players are not given overly powerful weapons from online friends.


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