High Anodyne is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Anodyne that restores health at a faster rate, and continues to be effective even after leaving the sigil."

An advanced version of Anodyne.

In Dark Arisen, both High Anodyne or Anodyne can be cast to a third tier of utility as Grand Anodyne with a relevant Mage's Ring or Mage's Band equipped.

Notes, tactics and effect

Spell Anodyne High
Cast time ~5s ~7s ~9-10s
Sigil Duration 10s 10s 15s
Sigil Healing 65hp/s 135hp/s 162hp/s
After effect - 10s 20s
After healing - 9hp/s 18hp/s
Potential total heal 650hp 1435hp 3790hp
  • Anodyne spells can only heal the 'gray' damage of the Arisen's or Pawn's health, and damage beyond that normally need be healed with curatives.
  • Escortees and other non-pawn party members can be fully healed by Anodyne spells.
  • The healing effect of all Anodyne spells are unaffected by any stat.
  • Undead, Skeletons and Ghosts will take Holy element damage from this spell if they enter the sigil's area of effect.
    • Damage scales with magic, and can be boosted with periapts and potions.
    • The power of High Anodyne is approximately 50% greater than Anodyne, plus the frequency of damaging is also much increased.
    • Halidom and Spellscreen also can damage undead. Whilst High Halidom is more powerful, only High Anodyne has the increased rate of damage.
    • Each monster damaged has a strong chance to heal the caster, as with all holy based offensive spells.
    • If cast with a debilitation inflicting weapon, such as an upgraded Rusted Staff it can inflict a debilitation (eg poison or torpor) on any foe that stays within its area of effect for a long enough time - in practice this includes skeletons and undead.
  • Pawns will generally only cast the highest tier of the spell available to them.

Some undead, such as Skeleton Sorcerers can cast an unholy version of Anodyne that heals them and their undead allies.