High Bolide is a Fire based skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Bolide that calls down a greater number of meteors. The user may move after deployment."

An advanced version of Bolide that summons ten meteors from the heavens, causing elemental fire and physical damage to foes. With Dark Arisen, it becomes Grand Bolide with a suitable Sorcerer's Ring or Sorcerer's Band equipped.


Spell Incant time Meteors
Bolide ~9 secs 4
High Bolide ~6 secs 10
Grand Bolide ~4 secs 15

Bolide summons four, High Bolide ten, and Grand Bolide fifteen meteors dealing both physical damage as well as Fire based magickal damage. To access the higher tier spells, the lower ones must first be incanted, meaning a total casting time of 19 seconds for Grand Bolide; after casting there is a short spell holding time of a couple of seconds.

In general each meteor targets a separate enemy - the point of impact is indicated by a glowing ring around the targeted foe shortly before impact. When this spell is cast by enemies, this ring indicates an area to avoid shortly before the meteor hits.

The meteors explode on impact and cause large amounts of physical and fire based magickal damage, as well as high knockdown.


Ten meteors

Each meteor targets a different foe, making it effective against groups of enemies, but less so against a single large enemy, such as a Cyclops, which may be hit directly only once by a Bolide volley. Creatures like the Chimera are targeted by multiple meteors, once for each head, making this spell very powerful against polyheaded beasts.

Grand Bolide differs slightly in its targeting pattern, in that multiple meteors may strike a single target.

  • This spell works with group spellcasting.
  • The spell first incants Bolide, then High Bolide, then Grand Bolide, if available - if incantation is finished prematurely, only the lower version of the spell will be conjured.
  • Damage scales with the caster's Strength and Magick stats.
  • Bolides cast by pawns will strike and fire a Mystic Knight's Great Cannon sigil.
  • Will damage Golem discs and Metal Golem amulets, due to the physical component of the spell.