High Comestion is a Fire based skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Comestion that invokes an even longer wall of flame easily able to ignite foes."


  • An advanced version of Comestion.
  • Inflicts Fire damage with a chance to inflict Burning.
  • Has high Knockdown properties, propelling most human sized enemies (such as Undead, Saurians, Hobgoblins, etc) skyward.
  • When cast upon an Ore Deposit, the ores will fall onto the ground.  These ores can subsequently roll into crevices or fall off cliff edges, making this method faster but less reliable than mining with a Pickaxe or Light Pickaxe. On occasion, blasting the deposit will yield less ore than it normally would by mining.
  • This spell reaches higher than the animation visually suggests, capable of damaging flying Harpies, hovering Drakes or Evil Eyes.