High Comestion is a Fire based skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Comestion that invokes an even longer wall of flame easily able to ignite foes."

An advanced version of Comestion - a wider wall of flame, with a fiercer fire.


Comestion spells create a wall of flame that do fire damage to any caught in the inferno; additionally the updraught from the fire has strong knockdown, propelling most non-giant sized enemies skyward.

  • After the initial strong inflammation, the flames will continue to damage foes, with explosive like force.
  • The fire base damage is very likely to cause burning, able to ignite even relatively resistant foes like Saurians with ease, when a spell such as High Ingle would not.
  • Not only does High Comestion have a wider wall of flame, but the fire is fiercer - the inital blast is at least a third stronger, and the successive explosions around a half as powerful again in offensive power.
  • Damage is increased by Magick boosts
  • This spell has no physical component, and does not damage Golems.
  • Is powerful enough to loosen the ore in an Ore deposit.
  • This spell reaches higher than the animation visually suggests, capable of damaging flying Harpies, hovering Drakes or Evil Eyes.
  • Warning! Just like Anodyne, Comestion group spells use manual aiming exclusively rendering the caster completely immobile and thus vulnerable during both casting (can be cancelled) and spell animation (can't be cancelled).