High Frigor is an Ice based skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Frigor that generates three spires of ice. The last one can serve as a stepping stone."

An advanced version of Frigor.

In Dark Arisen, it becomes Grand Frigor with a suitable Mage's Ring / Band or Staff-Bearer's Band equipped.

Usage, damage, and tactics

Spell Spires
Frigor 1
High Frigor 3
Grand Frigor 5
  • All frigor spells deals Ice-based Magick damage.
  • These spells have no physical component, and so do not get increased damage from Strength Boosted - as such they are useless against golems.
  • Both, ice spires and explosion from the destroyed ice block have the chance to freeze an enemy.
  • The spires have good knockdown, and will lift smaller enemies into the air.
  • Can be used on Ore deposits and to damage some environments; similar to a Warrior's attack.
Frigor drake plays himself (3)

Charging Drake plays himself, shattering an ice block placed in his path

  • The final spire of ice leaves behind a short platform of ice that can be climbed and stood on afore it shatters.
    • Useful to gain access to some locations, including a few Badge of Vows quests.
    • If cast on uneven or uncertain ground the ice platform will not form.
    • The dispersal of the block causes an ice 'explosion' , similarly, if a creature strikes the block it will take damage as the block shatters.
    • Damage from the "explosion" of a struck block is pure magick, and scales with total magick, just like the damage from the ice spires.
    • Platforms of ice can be made on top of each other. This requires casting a second frigor spire on top of the other - usually the spell sigil will no rise to the level of the first block, so taking advantage or adjacent higher ground or a rock is usually necessary. Because of the temporal nature of the blocks the limit seems to be three blocks, even with Wyrmking's Ring to speed casting.


  • Several foes have access to this spell, including Bandit spellcasters, spellcasting Wyrms, and others.