High Fulmination is a Lightning based skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Fulmination that envelops the user in a more powerful and wider-ranged bolt of lightning."

An advanced form of Fulmination with a larger radius of effect, and a more powerful electrical charge.

In Dark Arisen, the spell can be upgraded to Grand Fulmination when the relevant Sorcerer's Ring or Band is equipped.

Notes, Usage and tactics

Spell Incant time Stamina
Fulmination ~8-9 secs 45/sec
High Fulmination ~5 secs 55/sec
Grand Fulmination  ?  ?
  • Fulmination spells inflict lightning based magick damage to any foe within the radius of effect. The lightning damage has low knockdown and high stagger properties.
  • When either light or heavy attack button is pressed (hold), the caster will raise their archistaff into the air, allowing the lightning to chain to other party members, electrifying them. They will then deal lightning damage to any foe in contact with them, and their weapons will also deal lightning damage.
  • If the caster is hit or staggered, such as by a wind buffet, the spell casting will end; otherwise casting ends when Stamina is wholly depleted or can be prematurely ended by pressing [jump].
    • Stability and the armor bonus enhancement "Prevents wind from affecting mobility" prevent interruption of the spell through wind buffets from wing flapping.
    • Equipping an Ogre Bone ring or other stagger resistant equipment will also help prevent interruption from staggering.
  • The caster can slowly pace around the battlefield with the spell active. When chain lightning is activated, movement is not possible.
  • If used to cast the spell, upgraded golden, aneled, or rusted archistaves will inflict their respective debilitations. Furthermore, any pawns striking foes whilst electrified via Fulmination can also inflict the archistaff's debilition.
  • All Fulmination spells work with group spellcasting.


Fulminatgion Shenanigans

High Fulmination chaining to other party members

  • Try to first fully charge the spell from outside the combat zone, then walk toward enemies and unleash the spell. Once cast, the stagger effect should mitigate the likelihood of interruption.
  • The Wyrmking's Ring and/or the augment Articulacy will reduce the casting time.
  • Conservation reduces stamina use and should extend the time the spell can be cast.
  • Spell duration can be extended using stamina-restorative curatives.
  • Especially useful with climbing members of the party in combination with the chain lightning effect.
  • Like other powerful spells, Fulmination will loosen Ore deposits, causing ore to fall to the ground as a rapid mining method.

Pawn use

  • The length of time a pawn will use High Fulmination is determined by their Stamina pool. This can be artificially and indefinitely lengthened by 'feeding' the pawn Mushroom Potage to replenish their stamina.
  • If cast by pawns, the spell can trigger a Mystic Knight's Great Cannon sigil. Fulmination will fire the Great Cannon without further action from the Mystic Knight until the sigil expires.