High Halidom is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Invokes a long-lasting sigil which clears all debilitations but Drenching, Tarring, Petrification and lowered attributes."

An advanced form of Halidom whose sigil persists for a longer period of time and cures poison, torpor, burning, frozen, blind, curse and skill stifling.


Spell Duration
Halidom ~10s
High Halidom ~15s
  • As with other holy based spells such as Anodyne and Spellscreen any Undead, Skeletons or Ghosts entering the spells area of effect will take Holy element damage from this spell.
    • Damages scales with magic, and can be boosted with periapts and potions.
    • Each monster damaged has a strong chance to heal the caster, as with all holy based offensive spells.
    • If cast with a debilitation inflicting weapon, such as an upgraded Rusted Staff it can inflict a debilitation (eg poison or torpor) on any foe that stays within its area of effect for a long enough time - in practices susceptible foes include skeletons and undead.
    • As an 'offensive' spell more useful to inflict debilitations than damage.
    • High Halidom is approximately 50% more powerful than Halidom.
    • The offensive power of the healing holy spells are similar though Halidom is slightly more powerful than Spellscreen or Anodyne
    • Halidom is nearly as powerful as High Anodyne, and whilst High Halidom is stronger it does not damage as often.
  • More than one sigil may be active at a time, though in practice it is difficult to incant two simulaneously.
  • Both forms have a similar radius of effect, around one bodylength
  • Although it will not cure general lowered attributes, it will cure curse.

Skill Illustration