High Miasma is a Dark based skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Miasma that expands the size of the poisonous fog and endures for a longer period of time."

An advanced version of Miasma that lasts longer, strikes faster, and has a wider area of effect. Both Miasma spells inflict magickal based damage, and also can inflict Poison on all those who linger in the fog.



Miasma spells inflict damage on those in its fog proportional to the time spent within.

  • Effective against almost all foes, excluding those resistant to magick; even enemies that are immune to poison are harmed.
  • Damage increases with the caster's Magick.
  • Though the spell is a dark based magick, dark magic resistance does not seem to mitigate against damage.
  • Does no physical damage at all

Miasma's secondary effect is to inflict poison on those lingering long enough in its spell.

  • Neither Toxicity nor Morbidity increase damage - instead they increase the power of the spell to inflict poison.

High Miasma has a slight increases in power over Miasma (~+10%), but the rate of damage is doubled making it far more damaging in practice.

Usage and Tactics

Miasma is a powerful low level Sorcerer spell, and the more powerful High Miasma is useful as a quick casting spell at a high level.

  • Can be used defensively by standing within its epicenter for protection while casting more powerful spells.
  • Will fire a Mystic Knight's Great Cannon if the sigil is cast within High Miasma's area of effect.
  • Can be used to land the final blow to slay Dragonkin.
  • Useless against Golems due to their magick resistance, and ineffective against other magick resistant foes, such as Saurian Sages or Goblin Shamans, and some bandit spellcasters.
  • After casting High Maelstrom, Miasma can serve as a quick follow up combination to finish off enemies gathered at the hurricane's eye. This technique is especially useful in the Rotunda of Dread and The Black Abbey, with or without Fiend-luring Incense.


Using Miasma against 3 Dragons, Hard mode, Arisen undamaged, no buffs or curatives

Using Miasma against 3 Dragons, Hard mode, Arisen undamaged, no buffs or curatives

No Wakestones. No Dragon roars. Zero pawn revivals.