High Necromancy is a Dark based skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Necromancy that calls forth a larger host of spirits that assist with attack and defense for a time."

High Necromancy summons eight undead spirits, which remain in the presence of the summoner for up to 25 seconds.

An advanced version of Necromancy.


Spell Spirits Duration
Necromancy 4 15 sec
High Necromancy 8 25 sec

On detection of an enemy (or non-hostile fauna) the undead souls will latch onto the foe, either on the feet, hands, or head, causing some dark magick damage, with a high frequency of Critical Hits.

After a few seconds the soul will implode and depart causing more damage to the bound enemy.

  • Lighter foes may be lifted into the air.
  • Useful against human-sized enemies and flying foes such as Gargoyles and Harpies.
  • The frequency of dark criticals is much higher than say with a Dark Boon enchanted Magick Bolt.