High Spellscreen is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Invokes a magical sigil around the user that enhances the resistances and Defenses of allies who enter for an extended time."

An advanced version of Spellscreen.


Spell Cast time Duration
Spellscreen ~3s ~60s
High Spellscreen ~6s ~90s
  • Once cast the incanting mage may continue to hold the spell, and move slowly around.
    • Stamina is drained whilst the spell is held.
    • Jumping cancels the spell.
  • Allies must be within range of the sigil's, and thus the caster's radius in order to receive the protective enchantement.


  • Spellscreen increases defense by around 20%.
  • Stagger and Knockdown Resistance is also increased.
  • Channeling the ability will not make the buff last longer nor will it refresh durations; thus if spellscreen is held for 50 seconds, after release the protective effect will only persist for a further 10 seconds.
  • The physical damage reduction effect can be stacked up to four times. The Stagger and Knockdown Resistance effects are not stacked.
    • Cast this spell then immediately cancel it by jumping after the buff takes effect to rapidly gain multiple defensive boosts
  • Defense boosts stack with Angel's Periapt and similar potions.


  • Deals Holy damage to any undead, skeleton or ghosts caught within the sigil.
    • Damage scales with magick and can be boosted by periapts an so on.
    • The offensive power of Spellscreen is relatively weak, similar to that of Anodyne, whilst High Spellscreen is comparable in power to Halidom
    • If cast with a debilitation inflicting weapon, such as an upgraded Rusted Staff it can inflict a debilitation (eg poison or torpor) on any foe that stays within its area of effect for a long enough time - in practice susceptible foes include skeletons and undead.