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Hillfigure Knoll
Location Info
The Mysterious Missive / The Cypher / The Dragon's Tongue

Hillfigure Knoll is a location in Dragon's Dogma.

Basic InformationEdit

Hillfigure Knoll is an area in the northern wilderness that is noted for having a large figure cut into the hillside. It's a landmark that seems quite strange, and people who stop there speak of a man call The Fool. He's said to speak in riddles, confusing those who would hear him out. Perhaps you can learn more than most from this curious place.

The Dragonforged also lives here. You need to speak with him to complete a quest called The Cypher (See below). Your hero should also seek them out after the events at Greatwall.

Talking to The Fool and the Dragonforged fills in a number of details about the world and its lore. Listen carefully to what they say.

There are very few enemies in this vicinity. The outside of Hillfigure Knoll is adequately safe, and the small indoor area is nice and cozy.

Items found on Hillfigure KnollEdit

The following notable items may be found on or inside Hillfigure Knoll:


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