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Pawn being selected from the Rift.


Most pawns will readily join the Arisen's party if asked, with some exceptions such as Barnaby, Johnathan, and Quince who will aid the Arisen in other ways. A few pawns who have lost their masters or became corrupted may also be encountered, but cannot be hired.

The Arisen's party may consist of up to three pawns, including the Arisen's own main pawn.

Injured pawns will fall unconscious and cry out for help; they will appear on the mini map as a colored skull icon. They may be manually revived by the Arisen with half of their then-current maximum health recovered, but if not aided within a certain amount of time, they will return to the Rift. Pawns killed by the Brine, by Petrification, Great Sacrifice, possession by Ghosts or by Death himself cannot be revived.

New hired pawns cannot join the party if the main pawn has been forfeit (pawns already in the party will remain). Should this happen, the main pawn can be summoned by interacting with any Riftstone.


Pawns may be hired wherever they are found in Gransys, including Wandering Pawns, pawns in The Encampment, and pawns in and around the Pawn Guild. All extant pawns may be hired by visiting the Rift.

In the Rift, pawns may be searched by a number of factors including level, vocation, skills, and association. Pawns that are equal to or lower than the Arisen's level are free to hire, as are pawns of players on your Friend List, but pawns of a higher level than the Arisen must be paid in Rift Crystals, with the cost rising with the level difference.

When hired pawns die and return to the Rift, they cannot be recovered by simply touching a Riftstone like the Main Pawn. These pawns must be searched and rehired within the Rift (they will appear on the Past Summons list).

Releasing Pawns

A hired Pawn may be released in several ways such as voluntarily, through death, the Brine, or other forms of loss. If a fourth Pawn is hired then one of the two other hired Pawns must be released.

Pawns released in the Rift or through exchange may be given a single gift (most non-equipment items can be directly gifted). At the same time the pawn can be given an approval rating as well as a feedback comment.


Pawns can be Favorited when speaking to unhired pawns. Up to 100 pawns can be on a favorite list. Simply choose "Add to Favorites" upon interacting with the pawn to add it to the list.

Favorited pawns will appear preferentially in the Rift, and will appear more often at random in Gransys.

Placing a pawn's master on a friend list has a similar effect as favoriting - that is their pawns appear often, both in the world and in the Rift. Request friendship by selecting "Send Friend Request" upon interacting with the pawn.

Gifting and Equipping

Main article: Trading and Gifting

Hiring pawns provides a mechanism whereby trading and gifting between Arisen can be done.

Any equipment (weapons or armor) that the Arisen equips to a hired pawn will be considered a permanent gift to the hired pawn and its owner and it cannot be taken back or unequipped once done. Equipment removed by the equipping of new gear is returned to the pawn's Arisen, not you.

Any items in a hired pawn's inventory will always remain the permanent property of the Arisen who hired them. Items can only be gifted one at a time to the hired pawn's owner, upon a hired pawn's release from service.

When a hired pawn is killed or is released from service, all items they carry in inventory (other than equipped weapons and armor) will be automatically placed in the Arisen's storage.

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  • In the base version of the game the gift must be chosen from the current inventory, however in Dark Arisen any item including storage items can be gifted.
  • Gifts can only be transferred between users of the same version of the game, that is the same platform (PS3/Xbox/PC/PS4/XONE) and the same version (original or Dark Arisen).

Lists of pawns

There are several separate groups of pawns to hire.

  • Player pawns are be available when online.
  • Preset or randomly-generated pawns when offline. 
  • Pawns from Arisen on different systems (PS3 or Xbox360) are not available to Arisen on the other platform.


  • Xbox 360 players do not need an Xbox Live Gold Account to access any the online features of this game. Rift crystal purchases, online pawn hiring, Ur-Dragon combat, and expansion pack purchases only require an internet connection.
  • Hired Pawns cannot have their appearance or inclinations edited by the hiring Arisen, nor may their equipment be sold.
  • If a pawn falls unconscious, the Arisen may exit the area before they are dead (disappear), and the fallen pawn will spawn unconscious in the new area, awaiting revival by the Arisen.
  • There is a 1,000,000 (one million) Rift Crystal limit on rewards per rental, effective between each time the Hired Pawn is released into the Rift by the Renter and the instance when the owner Arisen sleeps at an inn or bench.
  • Refer to the Rift Crystal § Via Pawn Hires page to calculate the RC value of enemies killed when a pawn is hired by another Arisen online.
  • Hired pawns are formally released to their owners on resting or sleeping after the pawn has been dismissed or lost.
    • If a pawn is hired more than once by the same Arisen before rest or sleep, their owner will receive only your last review but still the sum of all your gifts and all the Rift Crystal they earned. Caution If the number of gifts given to a player's pawn exceeds 9 before the owner rests, there is a risk that those items will be lost - for more details see Trading and Gifting.

Hiring and Trading

Capcom has designed Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen to be a very social game, gamers are encouraged to use pawns belonging to other active gamers, and several creative methods have been developed by gamers for gamers to facilitate locating and hiring pawns through message boards or registries. There are several forums for arranging trading and hiring of other pawns:

  • Note Trade arrangements are made at ones own risk. It should be noted that "trading", or "gifting" for real world money or services is likely in contravention of the "Terms of Service" of XboxLive, PSN, Steam etc.