Hobgoblin is a Enemy in Dragon's Dogma.


The Hobgoblins resemble their smaller goblin cousins, but are about the same size as a human, and just as physically strong. Their intelligence does not seem to have been improved upon, but they do seem to have a higher social standing when next to the smaller goblin kind.

Hobgoblins oft live in the same packs as their goblin cousins, and despite their higher strength can be seen with a much smaller goblin 'elected' as their leader.


Hobgoblin's use many of the same tactics as goblins, including stone, oil and torch throwing, barging attacks to break a defence or knockdown. They have access to better weapons and equipment - and are able to throw a flask causing blindness, as well as throwblasts.

Hobgoblin equipment is like that of goblins, but improved, shields now include a Pelta, whilst the goblin club is replaced with a blackish cutlass like weapon. Armor is improved with hobgoblins better dressed and better armored - Skull Belts and pieces of iron plate armor are common, many also wear a form of Feral Cape.

Hobgoblins share similar elemental resistances with goblins, and like them are incapacitated by poison and panic when they are burning. They are more resistant but susceptible to other debilitations such as blind, torpor and so on.


When slain a hobgoblin with drop either a Iron Blade Piece, Curious Wine, Small Coin Pouch or Slate-Colored Horn.

Information and Stats

General Info

Type Monster / Goblin
Experience gained 200 up to 1000 if chieftain is killed.
Locations Gransys
Respawns after 3 days



Health Attack Defense Magick Attack Magick Defense Weight
2000 ? ? ? ? 80

Damage Taken

Slash Bash Fire Ice Thunder Holy Dark
 ?  ? 100% 100% 100% 100% 75%


  • Exploit the susceptibility to debilitations such as poison, torpor, blind, burning and so on.
  • Kill the leader to demoralise the remainder of the pack.
  • Hobgoblins have a diving tackle and a jumping sword swing with surprisingly high knockdown power. Another good reason to kill them first.

Pawn Bestiary Knowledge

Enemy Specific Knowledge

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