Holy is one of the five elemental attributes in Dragon's Dogma.


Holy weapons and spells generally cause damage to foes, whilst healing and curative holy spells aid allies, but may also damage undead enemies - for example the healing sigil of anodyne harms any undead creature that trespasses within its area of effect.

All damage inflicted with a holy weapon or spell has a chance to heal the wielder or caster - generally only light damage is healed - when a healing strike is performed the amount of health is usually equal to one tenth of the users base magick defense.

Holy magick is useful throughout Gransys, with only a few foes showing strong resistance - post-Dragon it becomes more effective against the undead foes that appear.

Creature resistances

All Undead and Skeletons are deeply damaged by holy attacks, including Lichs and Wights - Evil Eyes are also weak.

Hydra and Archydra are resistance to most elements, but less so to holy. Saurian Sages are resistant to holy, as is Grigori, whilst the Ur-Dragon is susceptible to holy attacks.

Spells, Skills, and Equipment

Spells and skills


  • The chance for a holy attack to heal appears related to the resistance or weakness to that element - thus attacks on undead often heal. For a creature with no particular resistance or weakness to holy healing occurs roughly every one strike in six.
  • The holy spells anodyne, spellscreen, and halidom all work offensively against undead and skeletons in addition to their primary effect.