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Holy Furor is a Holy based skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Holy Glare that conjures mightier beams and remains active for a longer period of time."

An advanced version of Holy Glare, which extends the duration of the spell by around 10 seconds.

In Dark Arisen, both can become the 3rd tier spell Holy Retribution with an improving Mystic Knight's Ring or Mystic Knight's Band equipped.

Use and tactics

The spells unleashes an enormous nimbus of interweaving magic lances around the Arisen, dealing Holy damage to every enemy within its wide radius for several seconds.

After the spell dissipates, the entire party will be completely stamina-fatigued - requiring restorative item use, or a pause for recovery. The 3rd tier spell Holy Retribution does not completely deplete stamina when it dissipates.


To reduce or elimate the pause whilst the party recovers stamina a number of precautions can be taken:

  • The Grit augment reduces the recovery time.
  • Bitterblack Lv.3 gauntlets with the enchantment "Restores Stamina when you deliver the killing blow to the enemy" will refresh approximately 20% of the user's stamina upon an enemy's death.(verify)
  • Bring group stamina curatives like Mushroom Potage so the party is not exposed to possible counterattack while they are vulnerable. Pressing the left D-pad once will prompt a pawn to address the party's loss of stamina. By having Mushroom Potage as the pawn's only available curative, the pawn will use it to refresh the entire party (sparing the Arisen the effort of opening the inventory menu to manually use a Mushroom Potage themselves).
  • The Arisen can immediately re-cast Holy Furor a second time before the first Holy Furor dissipates.  The skill animation will reset and the party will not experience stamina fatigue (until the Arisen eventually decides to stop spamming Holy Furor).  This skill-spamming can be continuously repeated as many times as the player chooses or is interrupted.
    • If another charging skill (e.g., Ruinous Sigil) is charging or charged when the previous Furor spell dissipates then the stamina loss will also be avoided.


  • Holy Furor spells are cast by Grigori, the Ur-Dragon, the Dark Bishop. Beacons located deep within Bitterblack Isle also emit this spell when lit.
  • The Surging Light Tome casts a spell similar to Holy Furor, and is usable by all classes. When cast with the tome the spell has positive, not negative stamina effects.
  • Exploit: Swapping the magick shield for another before the spell dissipates prevents the termination of the spell depleting stamina.


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