Hunter Bolt is a Holy based skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Seeker Bolt that fires a flurry of magickal arrows. Up to ten foes can be targeted at once."

An advanced version of Seeker Bolt.


  • Deal Holy damage up to ten foes at once.
  • It can target multiple areas on larger enemies to increase damage.
  • Targeted enemies will remain so even whilst outside of the Magick Bow's targeting reticule whilst the spell is charging.
Solo Magick Archer vs Ur-Dragon (offline)06:30

Solo Magick Archer vs Ur-Dragon (offline).

Using Hunter Bolt to lock onto the Ur-Dragon's multiple hearts, this Arisen is able to attain victory within 5 minutes.

  • The arrows are fired in an upward volley an fall in an arc in front of the Arisen, meaning that they may hit enemies that were not targeted or enemies that moved into the range of the arrows.
  • Arrows are affected by ceilings, and they can be blocked by enemies on the way up (firing from under the Ur-Dragon's chest will block the bolts from hitting the tail, for example.)
  • Large enemy (such as Drake or Cursed Dragon) targeted by more than one arrow can easily be staggered.


  • With a Blackwing bow, Magick Rebalancer and a high magic attack stat, an Arisen can kill the offline Ur-Dragon with just Hunter bolts in a single session.
  • Due to enemies remaining targeted even when out of sight of the Magick reticule, it is possible to pan the camera around to automatically pick out and locate otherwise hidden foes (such as Goblins that hide in bushes) and fire a volley of arrows in a three hundred and sixty degree radius, although any untargeted arrows will fall in front of the Arisen's final direction.
  • Because the bolts are fired upward into the air and fall from above, they can be particularly effective at hitting the heart on a Wyvern's back whilst in midair.