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Idol Worship
Quest Overview
Quest Giver
Quest Location
Gran Soren near Fountain Square
Come to Court
Gold: Varies
Exp.: Varies
Rift Crystals: Varies
Improved store wares

Idol Worship is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Caxton seeks an idol that will facilitate commerce with an able weaponsmith. Help him, that he might repay the favor."

  • Deliver the Idol to Caxton.


After the Arisen has spoken to the Duke, Caxton will inform the Arisen that he wants a prized idol as a status symbol to get better supplies for his store.

Deliver either a Gold Idol, Silver Idol or a Bronze Idol to get access to better equipment in his shop. Please note that only one Idol can be given to Caxton; a Gold Idol cannot later be given to him if they've already been given a Bronze Idol, for example.


(7 ~ 1) Dragon's Dogma ~ Idol Worship Hero Trophy Guide01:13

(7 ~ 1) Dragon's Dogma ~ Idol Worship Hero Trophy Guide

Idol Worship ~ Video Walkthrough

  • Depending on the Idol given, Caxton will start selling equipment of varying levels. Giving Caxton a Gold Idol will give Arisen the best upgrade to his inventory while giving him a Forgery Idol will net no upgrades to his inventory, with Silver being better than Bronze. Choose wisely.


  • Players may want to consider giving the Gold Idol for the Supplier's Demand quest, which is an identical quest for Madeleine, if they are more geared towards magic items and/or desire equipment for female characters.
  • Giving Caxton a forgery of one of the idols yields negative but potentially amusing results.
  • After handing over an Idol of the player's choice, it will take 2 complete game days for his inventory to update.

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