In Aid of the Emerald King I is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


"I have a boon to ask of you who read this, as I presume that you are Arisen, same as I. 'Tis my honor to serve as grand chamberlain to His Youthful Majesty, King Arsemus II, the realm's beloved Emerald King. There's a deed must be done, for love of king and kingdom. I beg you, good fellow. Will you help?"

Slay all Goblin Shamans in the Witchwood.


This quest becomes available on Olra's notice board in Bitterblack Isle Harbor immediately after slaying The Dragon in The Final Battle.

In Aid of the Emerald King 1 (quest walkthrough)05:40

In Aid of the Emerald King 1 (quest walkthrough)

Levitate, Sky Rapture or Ferrystone up to the Witchwood ledge near Cassardis and slay the Goblin Shaman in reverse order. Taking the high ground makes it easier to see the Goblin Shaman and bow-wielding pawns can also shoot them better from a higher vantage point.

The Goblin Shamans are scattered throughout the first area of the forest, none are located in the area beneath the Witch's House :

  • One is just off the main path to the right near the main entrance.
  • One is atop of a rock bridge that crosses the forest path further in.
  • Three are near the fallen log bridge which forms the path to the Witch's House.

Once all five are slain the quest will be complete.