In Aid of the Emerald King II is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


"Our ill-fortuned king, enthroned at the age of seven, now lies abed, sickened and strugling for life. Alas, the senate has never looked fondly upon His Majesty's ascension, and plots to see him fall to this disease. I found a formula for a curative, but I desperately need monsters slain so that the ingredients can be gathered."

Slay the Eliminator in The Tainted Mountain Temple.


In Aid of the Emerald King 2 (quest walkthrough)05:21

In Aid of the Emerald King 2 (quest walkthrough)

Return to the Greatwall (Tainted Mountain Temple) and slay the Eliminator within.

This quest becomes available on Olra's notice board in Bitterblack Isle Harbor immediately after slaying The Dragon in The Final Battle.

The Eliminator at The Tainted Mountain Temple is lurking in the 'Grand Hall' right after the small passage infested with Spiders, where a Gorechimera normally awaits.

Once the Eliminator has been slain the quest will be complete.


  • Refer to the Eliminator page for tactical information.
  • All other foes normally found here will also be present, with the exception of the Gorechimera.
  • After the Eliminator is slain, entering the The Tainted Mountain to the Grand Hall's east and immediately turning back to the Temple will spawn the Gorechimera that can usually be found here.