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In Aid of the Emerald King IV is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.



"The fate of my realm, the life of my king... I would gladly part with this flawed vessel to protect them. 'Twas only for king and kingdom that I became Arisen, but now it seems that all I am is to be lost. And so it is to you, Arisen of a distant land, that I entrust my errand, and the future of my king and my country along with it..."


Be sure to complete this quest prior to fighting The Dragon (Grigori) in The Final Battle.

In aid of the Emerald King IV walkthrough, quest completed in 60 seconds (Speed Run technique)01:45

In aid of the Emerald King IV walkthrough, quest completed in 60 seconds (Speed Run technique)

This is an optional Speed Run method. To complete this quest as quickly as possible, bring 1 Wakestone and 1 Ferrystone. Jump to the bottom of the (Pre-Game) Everfall, revive with the Wakestone, and slay the Gold and Silver Knights. Ferrystone back to the surface.

This quest is obtained after the main quest, Lure of the Abyss.

Head to the Pawn Guild in Gran Soren and enter the Everfall.

Travel down to the Flameservant's Throne and the two knights will appear.

Refer to the Silver Knight and Gold Knight pages for tactics and solutions.

Defeat them, the quest will complete, and the Trophy Bracers will be awarded.

This quest cannot be acquired or completed in Post-Game (after defeating The Dragon) since the Flameservant's Throne (at the bottom of the Pre-Game Everfall) is no longer reachable.

If this quest is not completed prior to completing The Final Battle, it will not auto-fail but will instead linger on the "Current quests" list until New Game Plus.

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