Indomitable Lash is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Savage Lash able to withstand enemy attacks while charging to even higher levels of power for one concentrated blow."

An advanced version of Savage Lash. With Dark Arisen, it becomes Calamitous Lash with a suitable Warrior's Ring or Warrior's Band equipped.

Notes and Tactics

Early Release
Late Release
One sixth 1
[Savage Lash]
Two thirds
One half 2
[Indomintable Lash]
Three quarters
 ? 3
[Calamitous Lash]
values relative to Savage Lash

  • All the lash skills require proper timing - the blow should be released as soon as the skill is charged (indicated by the user's body flashing white).
    • A properly timed blow will result in a 'shower' of grit and earth from the strike a few seconds after the blow. Lesser blows lack this.
  • Depending on the skill level learned, any of the three versions can be used, each charges sequentially.
  • Lash skills cause both physical damage and Knockdown Damage.
  • Lesser foes that are knockdowned (or up) by the initial blow may not receive any additional damage from higher tier attacks.
  • Once properly charged, this skill breaks and outright goes through enemy blocks. Cyclops armor will not be able to stop the attack, just as Living Armors will never be able to block it.
  • The Ranger skill Deathly Arrow also requires timed release.


  • A properly timed Calamitous Lash produces a ground shockwave that staggers all nearby not directly struct by the blow. The effect is similar to that from Arc of Obliteration, Cyclops' stomps, or the spell Seism. Lower tier versions do not cause such a shockwave.