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Inez is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


"The owner of Inez's Alehouse in Cassardis. Her kind-hearted nature has won her establishment many a regular customer."

Not originally from Cassardis, Inez had difficulty starting up several different businesses for herself. After repeated failure, Inez decided to move to another town, and try to start her life again. She arrived in Cassardis, and with the last of her finances, purchased a two story building for herself, Inez's Alehouse. On opening night, Inez was greeted with overwhelming support from the community, as everyone from Cassardis came to celebrate and welcome the new owner.

Inez's business was steady, with sailors coming in from the port for a drink, guards on patrol from Gran Soren, and her four regular clients, (Arnot, Chaves, Merin, and Rorric). She quickly fell into a routine of buying her groceries in the morning, returning to her home at noon, and preparing the night's menu, but she began to despair.

Inez wasn't making the amount of money she hoped to earn with her own business, and considered moving to try and start over. Then one morning, all of the townspeople of Cassardis was gathered to the town's center to hear a proclamation by the guards, then the Dragon attacked. Inez panicked, she considered running away with several other townspeople, but when she was about to she remembered the kindness Cassardis showed her; how when she came to the town with nothing, the people welcomed and supported her, and that if she ran away, there was nothing out there for her, so she decided to stay. She wandered to the ruined beach, when she heard Quina crying for help, she was standing over the Arisen, Inez ran alongside Merin to help.


  • "Those city folk should just come live here, says I."
  • "Any fool knows the capital will be first to fall when the dragon wakes."



  • Even though its not specified where she's originally from, she speaks with a Gran Soren accent
  • Ironically, she's not originally from Cassardis however, being the barkeeper of the Alehouse, she is the only one who can legally sell Cloudwine, a Cassardis specialty
  • Inez will have unique dialogue during Deny Salvation and after the Final Battle. She will comment on the Beloved being taken.


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