Inez's Alehouse is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


A two-story building owned by Inez, which is located behind Heraldo's Grocery and adjacent house on a side street north of the main village lane.

Many people can be found here drinking and amusing themselves especially during the evenings. At other times when the ale house is empty, Inez can be found upstairs sitting beside her bed.

Arnot, Chaves and Rorric appear to stay here at night and have no place of their own. Inez must be putting something powerful in the food or drink because they never sleep either.

A ladder on the second floor leads to a smaller third floor containing a Treasure Chest. In one corner of the room the ceiling is broken open. Climbing onto the storage boxes there gives access to the roof of the building.

Common visitors


  • Badge of Vows 2 - easily obtained by climbing to the top of the house via the ladder, and through the broken ceiling to the roof.



  • This Inn doesn't provide any rest, food or shopping services to the party.