Intervention is an augment available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Reduces cumulative damage when you are debilitated by the Five Archmagicks."
Japanese : 主要五属性魔法から受けた状態異常の蓄積を減らす

Effect : Prevents catching fire, i.e., Burning, may mitigate against other Elemental Debilitations.


  • For details of the debilitations caused by Archmagicks, see Elemental Debilitation
  • Suffers from poor translation. The in-game description obfuscates the meaning: "cumulative damage" means damage over time, and "five archmagics" here means the five elements. The only common elemental debilitation with a temporal effect is Burning - thus, Intervention practically prevents catching fire.
    • Complete immunity from catching fire from standing in campfires etc.
    • Doesn't seem to have any beneficial effect to prevent thundershock or frozen.
    • Doesn't seem to prevent non-elemental debilitations (or spell effects) cast via an archmagic - e.g., the poison effect of the dark magic spell Miasma is not prevented.
    • Erratic effect against enemy torches.
  • Possibly or probably also partially protects against being debilitated by debilitating spells such as Blearing when cast by enemy spellcasters.(verify)
  • Resistance, Toxicity, and Morbidity all have similar confusing descriptions - all reduce/increase the chance of debilitations, not damage.
  • Japanese wiki source states a 15% protection value.