Interventive is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A medicine that rights whate'er ails the body. Cures most physical debilitations."

Restores 330 Health and 330 Stamina, as well as curing Poison, Torpor, Silence, Burning, and Frozen debilitations.

Fairly common in chests, gather spots, breakables or just lying around throughout Gransys - particularly common in the Post-Game Everfall.

Interventives are also sold by at Aestella's, and at Camellia's Apothecary, and by the vendors Reynard, Alon, and Jayce.

Can be stolen from Giant Undead, Gran Soren Soldiers, Skeletons, and Undead Warriors using Master Thief.


Component to

Item Item Product
Interventive + Lunanise = Panacea

Product of

Item Item Product
Cerulean Concoction + Poison Sac = Interventive
Saurian Tail + Imperial Acid = Interventive


  • Unlimited quantities of Interventive may be obtained for free while farming Gran Soren soldiers in the Post-Game Noble Quarter.
  • Pawns carrying Interventive will only use it to cure debilitations when they are afflicted. Pawns will not use Interventive to replenish their health or stamina even when necessary for survival.