Into Dripstone Cave is a trophy and/or achievement available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Entered the azure caverns."

How to Obtain

  • This trophy/achievement can be obtained by setting foot into the Dripstone Cave, which is located beneath Cassardis.
  • There are two ways to obtain it. The first is to return to Cassardis following the A Rude Awakening main quest in the Encampment. Upon talking to the guard beside the well near the town gate, the player learns of suspicious sounds coming from the well. The guard is Poll, a quest NPC who offers the quest Deep Trouble, an optional sidequest. The player has the option of accepting Deep Trouble and investigate since Poll is too frightened to do it himself. The trophy or achievement will unlock when the player enters the well and before the quest is complete.
  • The second way to obtain it is to exit the Encampment and head north a short ways. At the first junction, head west. Very close to the junction, on the left side of the road, there will be an opening to a cave. This is the rear entrance into Dripstone Cave. Upon entering it, the trophy or achievement will unlock if it has not already been obtained.
  • Refer to the map for the relationship between the Cassardis (Well) and Encampment (Rear) entrances to the cave.
JP Deep Trouble

Dripstone Cave showing Cassardis and Encampment Entrances


  • Insofar as entry into Dripstone Cave is not required for story progression, this trophy/achievement is missable.
  • The cave has two entrances, one in Cassardis and one outside of The Encampment to the West.