Investigate the Ruins is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma. It is a sub-section of the quest; The Watergod's Altar and is a part of the Wyrm Hunt questline.


Survey the ruins in Jean's stead and bring any slate pieces you find to Haslett.


The sub-quest is initiated by speaking to Haslett having reported to him on the death of his brother monk Jean within the ruins. He will then state that any writings found within the ruins may be useful in the study of the Dragon, and request that you investigate the Watergod's Altar, bringing any such inscribed items to him.

Investigate the Ruins

If the ruins have not already be investigate, drained and searched return to the caves and find the stone door leading off from the main passage

Once there insert the Watergod's Altar Key to open the door. Here you will find Sulfur Saurians. Beware as Sulfer Saurians are capable fighters and far stronger than normal Suarians. The cramped space is to their advantage. Defeat the enemies and head down the steps and make your way down to find a dead end with a pressure stone.

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Before reaching the pressure plate a horde of Skeleton Mages and other Skeletons will animate and must be defeated. Once rid of these, stand on the stone to activate a mechanism which drains the lower caverns. Now the lower area may be investigated.

Within the Altar are five heavy Altar Slates. Each slate weighs a considerable 9.5 each so make sure to spread them across your party as you find them. The slates are found in chests on both the upper and lower levels.

Once all five slates are in your possession, return to Brother Haslett to complete the quest.

Haslett thanks you for your efforts and takes the slates, returning to Gran Soren with the inscriptions on board an Ox cart.



  • The actions required to complete this subquest can be completed whether or not Haslett has been spoken to, and the slates may have be collected prior to initiating or completing the pre-requisite quest - it has no negative on this quests successful outcome.
  • Pawns will forewarn the Arisen stating: "We'd be best to travel light for this quest."