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Thrown in Jail

Committing crimes in Gran Soren will cause the player to be chased by the City Guard who will throw the Arisen in the Dungeon when they are caught.

There are three ways to escape:

  1. Bribe the Guard 5,000 gold to set the player free. If the player has less than 5,000 gold, then he will take all of it.
  2. If the player has a Skeleton Key on them, they may use it to escape (the key must have been in the player's inventory at the time of their capture).
  3. Wait 48 minutes in real time. Once the time has passed, the cell door will unlock and open automatically. If the quest Come to Court has not been completed, then this option is void as the iron gate will be closed.

Once the player has escaped from their cell, they are now free to go back to what they were doing before they were arrested; escapees will not be detained again for escaping. There is no need to attack the guard to escape.

To avoid stuck in jail in the first place, player should quit the game instantly before the Jail-Save is made. Thus returning Arisen to the last save location, Gran Soren's gate, mostly

Alternate RouteEdit

  • In one of the locked cell, there is a partially destroyed wall; this leads to a secret route out of the dungeon that is required for a handful of quests, namely Arousing Suspicion and An Innocent Man. During these quests, this secret route must be used, otherwise the player will be placed back in their cell again. Like other cells in the Dungeon, it also requires a Skeleton Key to unlock.


  • Skeleton Keys can be bought from Montebank at The Black Cat or they can be crafted such as combining a Hunk of Ore and Shackle together. Please refer to the Skeleton Key page for a full list of locations and what materials can be crafted into Skeleton Keys.
  • Strangely, being witnessed in the act of a jail break is not considered a crime and are free to walk out at will, provided it is not after Nightfall.
  • Once players leave the Dungeon it will be morning outside.
  • If the quest Come To Court has not been completed and players are thrown into jail. If they try to escape by using Skeleton Key, they'll find the door upstairs is shut by a metal gate. Unfortunately the only way out at is to either bribe the guard or reload the last checkpoint. (There is a skeleton key in the chest behind the crates. It can be used to open the "escape cell")

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