Keepers of the Ancient Flame is a DLC quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An ancient breed of reptile has been seen in the lands near the Tainted Mountain. They say 'tis these same geo saurians what left the Auldale in ruins. Still, I've faith you'll be victorious, ser."

Defeat seven Geo Saurians.


This quest becomes available on the Pawn Guild notice board after The Final Battle.

Keepers of the Ancient Flame (quest walkthrough)01:16

Keepers of the Ancient Flame (quest walkthrough)

More than 7 Geo Saurians lurk between the Encampment and Gran Soren, along the Moonsbit Pass. Travel up the hill, past the Golem.

Geo Saurians appear in Post-Game in The Tainted Mountain Temple and on the path through Moonsbit Pass.

Once seven are defeated, a reward of the Asura Armor will be given.