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Land of Opportunity is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


  • "Fournival seeks to evict tenants from a property he owns, that he might sell it for quick coin. He asks you intervene on his behalf."


Negotiate the Eviction

  • Speak with tenants Jasper, Sara, and Pip, and convince them to leave Fournival's property.

Quest Successful

  • You've helped Fournival evict the tenants.
    Quest reward received.
  • Your purchase saved Fournival from a financial crisis.
    Quest reward received.


This quest can be solved in two different ways - both paths will give the same amount of Experience Points and Rift Crystals, although the amount of Gold received will vary based on the outcome. The first option would be to evict the tenants while the second option would be to buy the land from Fournival, effectively letting the tenants to stay. This walkthrough will cover both paths and will let the player decided which route to take.

Negotiate the EvictionEdit

(5 ~ 2) Dragon's Dogma ~ Land of Opportunity Hero Trophy Guide05:14

(5 ~ 2) Dragon's Dogma ~ Land of Opportunity Hero Trophy Guide

Land of Opportunity ~ Video Walkthrough

After receiving the quest from Fournival, proceed to locate each of the family of three living on the property.

  • Jasper can be found behind the inn during the afternoon, preaching about The Dragon. When first approached, he will state that he cannot make the decision to move out without the consent of his whole family and requests that the player first speak to them about it.
  • Sara can be found at the Fountain, in the Alehouse or browsing the market next to the inn. Sara is rather indecisive and requires time (one day has to pass) before she makes up her mind and agrees to move out.
  • Pip can be found around the Fournival Manor. Initially he will get angry upon being notified, and will run off. He will be next found on top of the barn in the Craftsman's Quarter and can be reached by jumping from the rooftop of the adjacent building. He will repeat his refusal and run off a second time, to underneath a bridge in the Urban Quarter. Here he will attempt to flee again and a mini-event occurs where the Arisen must catch him similar to the quest; An Uninvited Guest. Do NOT attack him, as this will get the player jailed. Once caught, Pip will give up and give his consent.

After speaking to all three people at least once (regardless of whether they have all agreed to move or not), the Arisen now has two different options:

Confirm the EvictionEdit

To confirm the eviction, Pip must be chased and caught, and Sara must make up her mind. Once Pip has been caught and Sara has been given enough time to think about her decision (talk to both of them again to be sure), speak with Jasper. He will request that the Arisen front him and his family 30,000 G - this payment cannot be avoided and must be paid to complete the quest.

Finally, return to Fournival to complete the quest for a reward of 40,000 G, 5,000 Exp. and 10 Rift Crystals.

Cancel the EvictionEdit

You can actually catch Pip and wait for Sara to make up her mind, but the key to cancelling the eviction is to NOT notify Jasper that his wife and son have agreed - instead, avoid telling him and return to Fournival. He will ask how the eviction is going and admit that the whole process is becoming quite the hassle. To this end, he will propose that the Arisen buy the land for 80,000 G, which removes his need to evict the family.

  • Bear in mind that accepting this deal (buying the land) will result in no Gold reward received, unlike if the eviction was carried out. However, the Exp. amount and Rift Crystal rewards are unchanged.

Note that Fournival is merely providing an alternative - if you disagree to buying the land, you can still return to Jasper to confirm the eviction.

Agreeing to this and purchasing the land will net the Arisen several rewards from the family when speaking to them afterwards. They can be found in their usual locations after the quest is complete.

In future New Game Plus if their affinity is high enough, the tenants will give additional items if spoken to the next day.


  • ps329px-Icon ps3xbox36020px-Icon xbox360 On rare occasions Jasper will not spawn behind the Union Inn like he's supposed to, causing issues with the quest Land of Opportunity.
    • To solve this simply save and exit to the menu and load the game back up and he should reset there.
    • An alternative solution would be to sleep until morning then wait till noon. Jasper leaves the city in the morning so wait by the Fountain Square.
    • Leaving Gran Soren via any gate with quest active and re-entering spawned Jasper at his designated spot.


  • During the mini-event chasing Pip, simply charge straight into him - this will stagger him, giving time to grab hold of him, which in turn will start the next sequence in the quest.
  • Choosing to evict the tenants will result in a net gain of 10,000 G
  • Choosing to buy the land will result in a net loss of 80,000 G
  • During Fournival's trial in the quest Trials and Tribulations the family may provide a negative testimony condemning Fournival if evicted. They will not provide any positive testimony.
  • The aftermath of this quest on the family is seen during Post-Game:
    • If the family is evicted, they will move to the outskirts of Gran Soren in the fields. Pip will state that they would have died if they were still living in the house.
    • If the family is allowed to stay, both Jasper and Sara will be unavailable and are presumed to have died during the events in Gran Soren; this leaves Pip as the sole survivor. He is found in front of the Camellia's Apothecary looking down into The Everfall and will berate the Arisen for his parents' deaths.

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