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Lantern is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A small light source that burns liquid fuel, which must be replenished. It can be worn on the waist. Has enough oil to burn for awhile."

Emits light to see in dark places or at night.

One of the most important items in the game, the Lantern provides Pawns and the Arisen a source of light when travelling at night or through dark areas. It is attached to a characters side, so it does not obstruct their ability to fight. Pawns will automatically equip and unequip their lanterns when it gets dark, but the player must do this manually. It needs to be filled with Oil to remain burning.

Lasts for around half an hour before needing to be refilled - as the oil burns the lantern becomes a Lantern (Half-Full), and eventually a Lantern (No Fuel).

In Dark Arisen the Elite Lantern can be obtained, giving a wider field of illumination.



  • When Pawns use a Lantern, their light radius is much less than the Arisen's. To compensate for this, their Lanterns never need to be refilled with Oil.
  • When Drenched, the lantern will go out. This, however, can be remedied by unequipping the lantern and then re-equipping it again, using a Clean Cloth to dry or by waiting until the Drenched status wears off.
  • Equipping a (lit) lantern when tarred is a sure-fire way to set oneself on fire. Be careful.
  • The Ranger augment Radiance will extend the size of the light emitted by 20%.
  • In Dark Arisen, removing Lanterns from the party will make it more difficult for Death to locate them.
  • In order to unequip a pawn's lantern, make any change to the pawn's equipment (remove weapon, head gear, etc) and they will put the lantern away and bring it back. There is a small window that will allow the Arisen to discard or give the lantern to the Arisen.

Related quests


2 Star Enhancement


Product of

Item Item Product
Lantern (Half-Full) + Flask of Oil = Lantern
Lantern (No Fuel) + Flask of Oil = Lantern
Lantern + Flask of Oil = Lantern

A full Lantern can have more oil added to it - this will top up the reservoir to completeful, but does not give any further benefits - in general it is a waste of oil.

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