Levitate is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


An advanced form of Feather Jump that mitigates gravity's pull, enabling a gentle landing even from great heights.


  • An advanced version of Feather Jump.
  • Use jump whilst in mid-air, similar to the double jump technique.
  • Like the dagger skill Double-jump, Levitate allows the Arisen to reach certain heights out of reach of normal jumps. Levitate will also effectively extend the horizontal jumping distance of the Arisen (rooftop jumping for example) and is doubly effective with a running jump.
  • Does not mitigate inertia, e.g., the effect of terminal velocity.  When falling from long heights, levitating in mid-air will NOT prevent or reduce fall damage. The secret augment Grace increases the distance an Arisen may fall without injury, but again, Levitate will not mitigate damage taken if falling a greater distance than Grace handles.

The Witchwood-Cassardis cliff grab spot

  • Certain treasure chests and areas are ONLY accessible by levitating (such as the cage containing a Rift Crystal in the Midnight Helix).
  • The cliff connecting the Witchwood and Cassardis (near the Seabreeze Trail) CAN be reached with Levitation. The grab spot is approximately one body length from the left edge. Get a running start, then the Arisen should float upwards and to the left toward the grab spot. Once the edge is successfully grabbed (this may take several attempts), place a Portcrystal on the grab spot to make it easier to find in the future (or to simply teleport up if Levitation proves frustrating).
  • The Mountain Waycastle on Manamia Trail/Moonsbit Pass between Gran Soren and The Encampment) may be skipped entirely allowing the player to freely explore Gransys before even completing Off With Its Head, though Gran Soren itself will still be inaccessible, and all the rest area guards (such as at the Greatwall Encampment) will be missing. Simply make a running jump toward the left side of the bridge in between the barrier and the cliff and levitate the rest of the way and you should barely make the jump.