Lists of permanently enchanted weapons. For additional information on the elements, visit the elemental attributes and Archmagick pages.

Fire Enchanted Weapons

Name Type
Eden's Warden Sword
Font of Fire Mace
Ardent Will Longsword
Fiery Talon Warhammer
Scalding Razors Daggers
Sapfire Daggers (Dark Arisen) Daggers
Crimson Glare Staff
Melting Focus (Dark Arisen) Staff
Dragon's Ire (Dark Arisen) Shortbow
Scorched Pelta Shield

Ice Enchanted Weapons

Name Type
Almace Sword
Magebreaker (Dark Arisen) Mace
Malignance Longsword
Twinterfang (Dark Arisen) Warhammer
Chilling Razors Daggers
Algid Bloom Staff
Frozen Tomorrow Archistaff
Dragon's Glaze (Dark Arisen) Longbow

Lightning Enchanted Weapons

Name Type
Caladbolg Sword
Crescending Roar Mace
Boltbringer (Dark Arisen) Longsword
Galvanic Razors Daggers
Thunderclap Staff
Dragon's Tempest (Dark Arisen) Magick Bow
Dragon's Roost (Dark Arisen) Shield
Thunder Kite Shield Magick Shield

Dark Enchanted Weapons

Name Type
Rooted Gloom Warhammer
Kunai Daggers
Stagnant Surge Archistaff

Holy Enchanted Weapons

Name Type
Ascalon Sword
Cursed Light (Dark Arisen) Sword
Totem Mace Mace
Dwells-In-Light Longsword
Angel's Fist Warhammer
Heaven's Key Daggers
Volant White Staff
Divine Axis Staff
Talarian White Archistaff
Hallowed Dragon (Dark Arisen) Archistaff
Lambent Shield Shield
Lustrous Greatshield Magick Shield
Purged Buckler (Dark Arisen) Magick Shield