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Longbow Skills are exclusive skills available to the Ranger.


Longbow skills are primarily based around powerful shots and sniping foes from afar.

Ranger Only

Skill Rank DP Description
Dire Arrow Already Learned - Focuses the user's gathered strength into a single, devastating shot that grows in power as it is charged.
Heptad Shot 1 300 Looses seven arrows along a broad sweep.
Deathly Arrow 3 800 An advanced form of a Dire Arrow that focuses the user's strength into an even more powerful shot equal to the amount of time spent charging.
Foot Binder 3 800 A well-aligned shot can pin the target to a nearby wall for a time. Quite effective in cramped quarters.
Sixfold Arrow 3 800 Fires six arrows in rapid succession.
Meteor Shot 4 1,250 Looses an exceptionally fast arrow, allowing one to fire with precision from afar. Requires considerable Stamina.
Endecad Shot 4 1,250 An advanced form of Heptad Shot that fires eleven arrows along a broad sweep instead of seven.
Body Binder 5 1,700 An advanced form of Foot Binder that can pin the target to a nearby wall for a longer period of time.
Flying Din 5 1,700 Fires an arrow that produces a deafening blare on impact, stunning the target, through it deals nearly no damage.
Tenfold Flurry 5 1,700 An advanced form of Sixfold Arrow that fires ten arrows in rapid succession instead of six.
Whirling Arrow 6 2,500 Looses a spinning arrow that delivers a barrage of hits to an area. Especially effective with Poison or Oil Arrows.
Comet Shot 7 3,300 An advanced form of Meteor Shot that lets the user zoom in and out, increasing this shot's precision and control.
Fearful Din 7 3,300 An advanced form of Flying Din that produces an even louder blare on impact that stuns nearby foes.
Invasive Arrow 7 3,300 Looses an arrow that deals paltry damage, but delvers a toxin to weaken the Defenses of whatever body part it hits.
Spiral Arrow 8 4,500 An advanced form of Whirling Arrow that appends still more strikes to the barrage.
Crippling Arrow 9 6,000 An advanced form of Invasive Arrow that delivers a toxin that weakens the Defense of whatever body part it hits for a longer period of time.
Gamble Draw 9 6,500 Exhausts the entirety of the user's Stamina to fire a seeking shot which the user may steer for a time.
Great Gamble 9 9,000 An advanced form of Gamble Draw that exhaust the entirety of the user's Stamina to fire a stronger seeking shot that can be steered for a longer time.

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