Longsword Skill Icon

Longsword Skills that are exclusive to Warriors.


Longsword skills are primarily based around heavy attacks that control crowds and send foes flying. Longsword Skills are identical to Warhammer Skills.

Skill Rank DP Description
Savage Lash Already Learned - Channels the user’s strength into a devastating hit that grows in power with the amount of time spent preparing.
Pommel Strike 1 200 Lunges in while driving the hilt of the blade into the target. Though limited in range it easily stuns foes.
Upward Strike 1 300 Stabs foes then fiercely slashes upward. Can send foes flying high into the air.
Escape Slash 2 650 Steps backward in a swift evasive maneuver while delivering a slashing blow.
Ladder Blade 2 650 Offers the flat of the blade to allies as a platform to propel them aloft.
Indomitable Lash 3 900 An advances form of Savage Lash able to withstand enemy attacks whole charging to even higher levels of power.
Savage Lunge 3 900 Charges forward with the blade extended, knocking down any caught in its path.
Pommel Bash 4 1,500 An advances form of Pommel Strike capable of causing even powerful enemies to reel.
Spark Slash 4 1,500 Spins the blade in a swift circle, slashing at foes all around the user.
Whirlwind Slash 4 1,500 An advanced form of Upward Strike gifted with greater force, sending foes higher into the air.
Act of Atonement 5 2,000 Damage taken while not defending is stored, lending power to a devastating counterattack. The power of the counterstrike will increase based on the damage taken.
Battle Cry 5 2,000 Pierces the air with a roar that draws nearby enemies' attention.
Catapult Blade 5 2,000 An advanced form of Ladder Blade.
Exodus Slash 5 2,000 An advanced form of Escape Slash. Can be followed up with additional strikes after the initial slash.
Arc of Might 6 2,800 Channels a vast amount of strength into the ultimate blow. Requires the protection of one's allies whilst preparing.
Corona Slash 6 2,800 An advanced form of Spark Slash that broadens the range of the warriors strike.
Indomitable Lunge 6 2,800 An advanced form of Savage Lunge.
Act of Vengeance 7 3,400 An advanced form of Act of Atonement.
War Cry 7 3,400 An advanced form of Battle Cry.
Arc of Deliverance 8 6,000 An advanced form of Arc of Might. (At higher levels, this ability can one-shot boss-level monsters)