Lost Faith is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Father Clemente misplaced his scriptures and has great need of them. They must be reclaimed at once."

Solve the mystery of the priest's missing book.


Exit the church and speak with the young boy Lewes standing outside the front door. He will admit to having lost the Scriptures.
Lost Faith (Scriptures quest walkthrough)02:15

Lost Faith (Scriptures quest walkthrough)

Be sure the quest is "active" in the quest log, climb the nearby rooftop to locate the Scriptures and return them to Clemente to complete the quest.

The Scriptures are located on the roof of the nearby building marked by an orange circle on the map.

Make sure to activate the quest in the start menu to ensure the scriptures will spawn properly.

Go around to the back of the church and jump from the ledge to the nearby rooftop (indicated on the map). The scriptures will look like a book.

Return the Scriptures to Father Clemente in the Cassardis church to complete the quest.


  • This quest can be easily missed when starting the game. It cannot be completed once the quest Off With Its Head has been completed.
  • Pawns can also gain Quest Knowledge from doing this quest. Finish Call of the Arisen to summon your Main Pawn before completing this quest.
  • There is also a Lost Faith DLC quest named exactly the same as the main game quest.