Lowered Strength is a debilitation in Dragon's Dogma.


Character's physical attack damage output is lowered by 30%.

Only one weapon in the game can inflict this debilitation on enemies: the Dragon's Roost shield, usable only by Fighters and Assassins.

Dangerous enemies vulnerable to the Lowered Strength debilitation include Dragonkin (except for the Ur-Dragon and Grigori), Condemned Gorecyclops, Gorecyclops, Elder Ogres, Garm, Eliminators, Golden Knights, Poisoned Undead, Giant Undead, Banshees, Skeleton Brutes, and all Saurians. Many small ones are too.

Lowered Strength can also be self inflicted as a side effect of consuming Serenity Extract.

Cured by Dose of Strength, Font of Vigor, IsometricinePanacea, Voidspell and any object or spell that grants Impervious.


For creature resistances, see List of Creature Debilitation Resistances.


Name  %
Dragonblood 25%
Indomitable Earring 60%