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Lure of the Abyss
Lure of the Abyss
Quest Overview
Quest Giver
Quest Location
Pawn Guild
Gran Soren
A Matter of Myrmidons
Next Quest
Wyrm Hunt Quests
12,000 Gold
8,000 Exp.
10 Rift Crystals
Main Quest

Lure of the Abyss is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


  • Barnaby begs of you to explore the Everfall, a sprawling ruin beneath Gran Soren. He claims a new "presence" has claimed the abyss.


Explore the Everfall

  • Delve into the Everfall ruins and seek out the "presence" Barnaby spoke of.

Report Back to Barnaby

  • Return to Barnaby and inform him of the light you witnessed in the Everfall.

Quest Successful

  • You reported your findings to Barnaby. Quest reward received.


This quest is obtained by talking with Barnaby inside the Pawn Guild in Gran Soren after completion of the quest A Matter of Myrmidons. Beneath the capital there is a mysterious place known as The Everfall, which supposedly hides many secrets and is considered sacred by Pawns. Barnaby, the de facto 'leader' of the Pawn Guild, believes that something is wrong down below and wants the Arisen, to investigate.

It is recommend to be well-prepared for this journey as some of the battles will be pretty rough despite being so early in the game.
Take note of the following list before heading down the Everfall:

  1. Oil for Lanterns is very important due to the poor lighting.
  2. A Mage with the Anodyne spell.
  3. A Mage with Fire or Holy-based magicks.
  4. Good equipment, enhanced if possible. Be sure to visit Caxton's Armory.

It is also advised to start the quest Reaper's Scorn before going down as both quest objectives will correlate with each other.

The quest Lost and Found must be completed before completing this quest or it will fail automatically.

Explore the EverfallEdit

(6 ~ 0) Dragon's Dogma ~ Lure of the Abyss Hero Trophy Guide02:49

(6 ~ 0) Dragon's Dogma ~ Lure of the Abyss Hero Trophy Guide

Lure of the Abyss ~ Video Walkthrough

Upon entering the Everfall, turn left and begin to head down the path. It is a straight shot for the first stretch; kill any Giant Bats and Undead that the Arisen may come across and collect any items found along the sides of the walkway.

Eventually the Arisen will run into a deadly foe that is most likely has not been encountered yet: an Ogre. This fight is a tough one, but not impossible. Please refer to the Ogre page for a guide to slaying this beast. If the player is lucky enough, attacking it from a distance may lead to it tripping and accidentally walk over the edge instantly killing the beast.

After the Ogre has been defeated, continue on until reaching a sealed gate (that has Skeletons on the other side, nice bit of foreshadowing there), pass through the left doorway. Be careful here, though... the large room isn't as safe as it looks. Skeleton warriors will spawn from the ground and can be the end for some players if they've neglected buying skills or new equipment up to this point.

  • Note: Check everywhere for items and treasure... there are a few chests scattered around and there are also Coin Pouches and even a few Large Coin Pouches stowed away in some of the corners or on top of collapsed rubble.

Once the player has found themselves back on the main spiral, go right and pull the lever that opens the gate. While the door the player just came through closes, the main path is now open. With that out of the way, nothing particularly significant will happen. Continue down the path and approach the bottom of the Everfall.

Flameservant's Throne

Before interacting with the rune-covered platform called the Flameservant's Throne, go into the side room across from the stairs and retrieve the treasure you find there. In order to open the barred door at the end, open the Sarcophagus directly to the left of it. This will trigger a short cutscene where a Skeleton Warrior rises from its grave. The sarcophagus contains the lever needed to open the doors to access the treasures there.

It is also advised to scout the room up by the stairs to the left of the platform. At the top of the stairs there will be many undead. It is advisable to defeat them now so they do not pose a threat later on. Also at the top of the stairs, jump over the balcony and to the left, into a secret area with 2 chests and other loot.

  • Note: If the quest; Reaper's Scorn was picked up, the Arisen will find a Wakestone Shard on the edge of the platform in the central bottom Everfall room. If the quest has already been completed or not picked up, the shard will not be there.
  • With the introduction of Dark Arisen, the Arisen can find their first Portcrystal in the middle of the Flameservant's Throne. Be careful not to interact with the platform.

Once the Arisen is ready, head over to the Flameservant's Throne and investigate it. Doing so will trigger a cutscene.

Report Back to BarnabyEdit

After the cutscene showing the tentacles of an Evil Eye, there's only one thing left for the Arisen to do... RUN!!!
No matter how many tentacles are defeated, the Evil Eye will not reveal its main body and therefore cannot be defeated. Just get back to the stairs and get back up the spiral-path as fast as possible. Just remember to sprint often, but do NOT under ANY circumstances let the stamina bar run out (Having a Liquid Vim for this part can help out a great deal as it prevents the Stamina bar from draining for 45 seconds). Tentacles will pop out of the floor all around during the journey back to the top. Therefore, stopping to is ill advised. Don't worry about the Pawns; regardless of what happens to them they're transported back to the surface once the player has exited.

  • The optional route to escaping is utilizing a Ferrystone instead.

Upon arriving back to the surface, speak with Barnaby to complete the quest.

Quest SuccessfulEdit

After speaking with Barnaby the quest will complete. There is no follow up quest automatically given until the Arisen exits the Pawn Guild where they will be approached by Ser Duncan who will give the Arisen the Wyrm Hunt License. It is advised to keep this in the player's possessions until they've have completed all of its related quests.

  • Note: If The Everfall was escaped via a Ferrystone, Ser Duncan will still approach the Arisen as they appear, however the quest will not be complete until speaking with Barnaby.


  • The quest Lost and Found must be completed prior to completion of Lure of the Abyss otherwise the quest will fail.
  • Ser Duncan is sent on behalf of Mercedes as she has stated she would send for the Arisen, although he never mentions her.
  • Many beginning Cassardis quests will be canceled upon completion on this quest, so try to complete them first.
  • An optional route down is if the player has an extra Wakestone on hand (presumably in a New Game Plus), then they can simply just jump from the entrance and fall all the way to the bottom of the Everfall, use a Wakestone to revive then examine the floor and run back out. Great for a speed-playthrough. For an even faster run, use a Ferrystone immediately after examining the floor to teleport back to Gran Soren. The player will immediately pick up the next story quest upon doing so without even turning in this one.
  • Upon accepting the quest; Reaper's Scorn, a Wakestone shard will spawn at the bottom of the Everfall. The Arisen can then create the Wakestone to revive the deceased son.
  • With the introduction of Dark Arisen, the player will encounter their first Portcrystal available to take in the center of the Flameservant's Throne.
  • If the player is having difficulties fighting the Ogre, try standing near the ledge of the open chasm, there is a chance that it will fall to its death when it charges at the player.

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