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Macabre Sculpture is an item available in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


"A haunting graven image, infused with the sinister spirit of its creator."

The Macabre Sculptures are strange and unpleasant graven images, not unlike in appearance the Cursed Carvings found in Gransys. They are often hidden or secreted in hard to find or hard to get to places.

For a list of locations with maps and guides see Macabre Sculpture Locations.


The carvings form part of a series of quests "Visions of the End"


  • The sculptures cannot be forged at The Black Cat in Gran Soren, nor can they be traded, or gifted to other players.
  • The Macabre Sculptures re-spawn in every New Game Plus or when changing to Hard Mode.
  • Sculptures collected in Pre-Daimon Bitterblack Isle will not respawn Post-Daimon.
  • All 30 Macabre Sculptures required for the Visions of the End quests can be acquired in a single playthrough.

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