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Magick Medal (Golem drop)
Shopping / Shopkeeper
Quest NPC
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All Hours

Madeleine is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


Role: Trader, possibly former strider by way of her daggers, and her lifestyle indicates a lady of pleasure.

Likes: Money, her trusty dagger, people who help her make money

Body type: Glamorous

Dislikes: Poverty

Personality: Greedy, self-reliant, cunning and self-serving. Madeleine looks out for herself and her goals first, though she does display a limited degree of loyalty when it comes down to it.

There is a small abbey in central Gransys which has never been known as anything more than “the abbey.” A number of sisters live frugal, modest lives in the abbey. These sisters are ardent followers of the Faith, kind and benevolent, and deeply relied upon by the people. Knowing that the sisters would never abandon a child, young babes were sometimes left on the steps of the abbey.'Madeleine was just such a child.

Madeleine was raised as an orphan by the sisters, but in complete contrast to her gentle guardians, she came to hate being poor and to hate modest living. While she was grateful to the sisters for raising her, she also vowed that she would never serve the Faith as they did. (Madeleine's Tale).[1]


Main article: Madeleine's shop.

Madeleine is a travelling Shopkeeper, one of two who can be given the Idols to improve their stock; her idol quest is Supplier's Demand.

Her wares tend to favour outfits and armors for female Arisens, and towards pawns and magic items when compared to Caxton.


Pre-Game (before The Dragon is slain):

Post-Game (after The Dragon is slain) :



  • Beginning the quest Bad Business will remove Madeleine from the game until The quest The Final Battle has been completed. The Bad Business quest is flagged to start automatically after completing both the Royal Orders Quests called The Wyrmking's Ring and Pride Before a Fall. This means the quest is not actually started, but it does remove Madeleine from her shop. Upon visiting said shop the quest will automatically start.
  • By importing a Dragon's Dogma save file into Dark Arisen, the player acquires Madeleine's outfit, the Set of Lady's Trek Wear, as one of the six Outfits bestowed as part of the transfer bonus. The Set of Lady's Trek Wear is only available for owners of the original Dragon's Dogma game release, and completely unavailable (and non-tradeable) to players who purchased the Dark Arisen game (released after Dragon's Dogma).



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