In Dragon's Dogma an entity's innate magickal ability is represented by a Magick stat. This Stat influences the power of spells cast. Magickal items may also have a magick stat, which can positively influence the power of spells cast when the item is used in casting.

The ability to withstand spells is represented by the Magick Defense stat.


Indicates the power of magical weapons; the right (primary) and left (secondary) weapons of a character are listed separately. Magick has a direct influence on the amount of damage a spell or magick weapon performs. However a user's magick stat is not thought to contribute to the damage done from a permanently enchanted physical weapon when performing physical blows. (See Weapon enchantment) - magickal spells and attacks performed or cast with a physical weapon, such as Great Cannon are influenced by a character's magick stat.

The Magick stat does not have any impact on the healing effect of spells such as High Anodyne.

Augment Description Unlocked by Vocation
Attunement Increases magick by 10% Mage
Acuity Increases magick by 20% Sorcerer
Equanimity Increases magick by 50% (20% Dark Arisen) if health is critical Mage
Bloodlust Increases magick by 70% (20% Dark Arisen) at nighttime Assassin
Autonomy Increases magick by 70% (20% Dark Arisen) if playing alone Assassin
Ferocity Increases magick by 10% when you perform a Core Skill Warrior

Magick growth with level is highest, in order, by leveling as Sorceror and Mage, with Mystic Knight, Magick Archer and Strider having average growth and all other vocations below average growth.


  • Sometimes referred to as Magick Strength, or Magick Attack ; and may be abbreviated MAG, or MATT.
  • For a list of worn equipment and other items that increases total magick, see Category:Boosts Magick
  • See also : Strength