Magick Billow is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


Swing your staff downward to stagger the enemy. Follow-up attacks can send the enemy to the ground.

Both staff and archistaff versions deal physical blunt damage.

  • The video shown displays a Sorceror performing both a regular Magick Billow and a jumping Magick Billow.

Staff magick billow

  • As performed by Mage, Magic Archer and Mystick Knight.
  • Requires Staff equipped to perform.
  • Swings the staff in an arc with a chance to stagger the enemy. Follow-up attacks can send the enemy to the ground.
  • Poor reach, and relatively low damage, only useful in limited situations, such as smashing crates or as a last resort.

Archistaff magick billow

  • Requires an Archistaff to be equipped to be performed, only Sorceror can cast this form
  • The spell casts a shockwave with short range in front of the arisen, dealing physical damage with reasonable knockdown or knockback damage.
  • The 'spell' combines both magic and physical attack strengths, and is affected by the carried archistaff.
    • The spell's damage is based roughly on a 60:40 spilt of strength to magic
    • Magick and Strength boosting periapts and similar concoctions also increase the attack strength
  • The spell is cast without the archistaff, and uses the palm of the hand facing towards the target - as such this spell is an 'unarmed' skill and so does not carry any permanent or temporary weapon enchantment - that is possessing an enchanted weapon whilst casting this spell gives no elemental damage or debilitation.
  • Whilst the standard Magick Billow can cause knockdown and knockback, the jumping version only causes knockdown.
  • Levitate can be used to attack twice with one jump.


  • Damage will be increased if the character has Ferocity equipped.

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