Magick Bolt is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Launches a magick bolt from your staff."

Press 'Light Attack' to launch a magick bolt from the staff. Press Light Attack repeatedly for additional bolts.

Can add elemental effects and damage via enchantments - the effect varies depending on whether a permanently or temporarily enchanted weapon is used.

An advanced light attack, Focused Bolt, that fires multiple bolts can be learnt.

Elemental Variants

Using Focused Bolt with a temporarily elementally enchanted weapon on the Staff will result in changed behaviour of the bolts that are released:

  • Fire - Straight-flying fireballs that zig-zag slightly on their flight-path.
  • Ice - Spheres of ice that pause for a moment and then fire off.
  • Thunder - Straight-flying bolts of electricity that bounce off of enemies.
  • Holy - Spheres of light that move somewhat slowly when released, but then home in and fly into enemies at a very fast speed. Can home in on enemies that aren't actually being targeted, making them useful for fighting enemies from a long range or for finding enemies in darkness.
  • Dark - Slow-moving projectiles of darkness that track enemies. The projectiles move in an odd, winding manner.

Permanently enchanted weapons produce bolts alike to the standard magick bolt attack, that carry the elemental properties.


  • Curiously the damage from Magick Bolt is minutely affected by firing a bolt when jumping.
    • The physical strength boosting augment eminence does not increase power or damage when jumping.