Magick Defense is a primary Stat which represents a creature or individual's ability to with stand offensive spells.


This is the character's inherent resistance to magickal damage, also called the magickal damage threshold. The higher the Magick Defense stat, the less damage a character will take from magick. This is not to be confused with more hit points; Health or hit points determine the maximum amount of damage a character can take before dying. Magick Defense lowers the total amount of damage a character will take from a magickal attack and once Magick Defense is exhausted, further magickal damage reduces the character's Health.

Magick Defense growth with level is highest, in order, by leveling as Mage and Magick Archer, Sorceror below level 100; Mystic Knight has fairly good Magick Defense growth. Strider has average growth and all other vocations below average Magick Defense growth.

Augment Description Unlocked by Vocation
Apotropaism Increases magick defense by 30 Mage
Awareness Increases magick defense by 50 (in Normal difficulty) Sorcerer
Sanctuary Increases magick defense by 50% if health is critical Mystic Knight
Bloodlust Increases magick defense by 30% at nighttime Assassin
Autonomy Increases magick defense by 30% if playing alone Assassin

Note that Awareness does not affect the base stat number when it is in effect.


  • May be abbreviated to MDEF .