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Large heavy shields that are imbued with magical augmentation. Magick Shields are used both offensively and defensively, and can offer utility for the whole party. They are used exclusively by Mystic Knights and are a vital asset to their arsenal. When parrying attacks, Magick Shields can be used to bash the opponent and thus deal Blunt damage.

Maces and Magick Shields are exclusive to the Mystic Knight class, a Hybrid Vocation.  They cannot be equipped by a pawn, nor traded or gifted to another player.

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Magick Shield skills are primarily based around magical counterattacks and supporting allies. Magick Shields can be furthered imbued with magical properties and can be used a catalyst to enhance the Mystic Knight's attacks. By focusing magick directly into the shield Mystic Knights can vastly increase attack range which can resonate shockwaves, mass enchant their party's weapons or further enchant the Magick Shield itself to produce various elemental counters against enemy blows and spells.

The Magick Shield, when properly wielded, uses both its own and the Mystic Knight's magick and strength stats to produce damage.

  • To activate an elementally-buffed Perfect Block or Riposte, the Mystic Knight must have purchased the core skill Reflect.
  • Lower-level Magick Shields are very difficult to use for Perfect Blocks, especially if not reinforced or Dragon Forged. Their available frames for blocking are very small in number.
  • Enchanting the shield produces some of the most powerful spell effects available, but those spells only activate on a Perfect Block. Note that a Perfect Block is not quite the same animation as successively pressing the skill buttons for an elemental Riposte; both produce damage.

How to differentiate the animations for Blocking, Riposte and Perfect Block:

  • Block:  The Mystic Knight will crouch below the raised shield. Stamina will be used. A banging sound will be heard when the shield blocks damage.
  • Perfect Block:  The Mystic Knight raises weapon and shield and pulls the weapon straight down while pulling the magick shield closer into the torso. There is no elemental effect in front of the MK, unless the magick shield has a permanent enchantment. The force from the Perfect Block will fire Great Cannon sigils. The MK expends no stamina and takes no damage. A loud 'FOOM' sound will be heard when the shield blocks and repels damage.
  • Elemental Riposte: Prior to Perfect Blocking, the Mystic Knight charges the magick shield with an elemental Riposte. The Mystic Knight Perfect Blocks, and the animation raises weapon and shield and pulls the weapon straight down while pulling the magick shield closer into the torso. Since the Magick Shield has been charged with an element, a blast of elemental damage is sent out in front of the MK upon performing a Perfect Block.  This can fire up to three Great Cannon sigils already on the field, though more damage will be delivered with two sigils rather than three. This can be chained very quickly. The MK expends no stamina and takes no damage. A banging sound will be heard when the shield blocks and repels damage.

Magick Shields ListEdit

All magick shields are listed with dragonforged stats and are sorted from strongest to weakest using the strength and magick stats combined.

Name Strength Magick Slash Strength Bludgeoning Strength Stagger Power Knockdown Power Element Debilitations Weight
Diabolic Shield
567 1044 0% 100% 540 540 - - 2.18
Purged Buckler
480 976 0% 100% 453 453 Holy - 2.09
Dragon's Faith 328 679 0% 100% 375 375 - - 2.36
Dark Buckler 316 637 0% 100% 382 382 - - 2.27
Lustrous Greatshield 302 617 0% 100% 404 404 Holy - 1.55
Angel's Sanctum 249 502 0% 100% 347 347 - - 2.07
Wizard's Vizard 148 319 0% 100% 365 365 - - 1.94
155 302 0% 100% 317 317 - - 1.40
Thunder Kite Shield 120 324 0% 100% 301 301 Lightning - 2.63
Blue Kite Shield 146 289 0% 100% 316 316 - - 2.00
Fine Magick Buckler 132 264 0% 100% 304 304 - - 1.77
Knight's Honor 125 251 0% 100% 289 289 - - 1.98
Magick Buckler 115 234 0% 100% 286 286 - - 1.66
109 226 0% 100% 301 301 - - 1.86
Wooden Wall 103 220 0% 100% 282 282 - - 1.82
Rusted Magick Shield 46 82 0% 100% 196 196 - Poison, Torpor 1.96

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