Used exclusively by Mystic Knights, Magick Shields are large, heavy shields that can be imbued with magickal augmentation and are a vital asset to their arsenal.  Magick Shields are used both offensively and defensively by the Mystic Knight, and can additionally offer utility for the whole party.  

The most potent use of a Magick Shield requires the core skill Reflect, and is used to Perfect Block an attack when enchanted with a suitable spell - such a block will initiate a strong magical parry. When an attack is successfully parried the response may cause knockback and also inflict blunt damage.

Additionally magick shields are used as a conduit to enchant the Arisen and party's primary weapons.  The Magick Shield uses both its own and the Mystic Knight's magick and strength stats to produce damage.

Note: Maces and Magick Shields are exclusive to the Mystic Knight class, a Hybrid Vocation - as such they cannot be equipped by a pawn, nor traded or gifted to another player.

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For a list of shield skills see Mystic Knight § Magick Shield Skills

Magick Shield skills are intended to both provide magical counterattacks on behalf of the Mystic Knight and support one's squad of allies. Magick Shields can be furthered imbued with magical properties which will cause the Magick Shield to act as a catalyst to enhance the Mystic Knight's attacks. By focusing magick directly into the shield Mystic Knights can vastly increase attack range when resonating shockwaves as an elemental counter against enemy blows and spells, and can increase damage output from the party by effecting mass enchantment of their party's weapons.

The main uses of magick shields are weapon enchantment and magickally enhanced blocking - the exception to these is the spell Holy Glare - a broad ranging holy spell conjured with the shield.

When unenchanted the shield can be used to block - a well timed block will riposte the enemies block, causing knockback. Once the core skill Reflect is learnt the utility of blocking is greatly increased, especially for Perfect Blocks.


The Mystic Knight will crouch below the raised shield. Stamina will be used. A banging sound will be heard when the shield blocks damage. The Mystic Knight can take mitigated damage.

When the core skill Reflect is learned a standard block will reflect back damage to its source.

Perfect Block

If timed to block just before an enemies strike hits, a perfect block will be triggered. The base effect is a shockwave causing knockback. A loud 'FOOM' sound will be heard when the shield blocks and repels damage. With a perfect block is performed, the Mystic Knight expends no stamina and takes no damage.

Once the core skill Reflect has been learned, performing a perfect block will reflect back damage corresponding to the amount of injury that would have been caused if the blow had not been blocked, in addition to the damage generated by the Mystic Knight's secondary weapon damage stats and any pawn-cast area-of-effect spell damage the Mystic Knight stands within.  This can cause significant damage to the foe.

The force from a Perfect Block will fire Great Cannon sigils.

All of the counters can be repeated in sequence without breaking or interrupting function; for example, if the Mystic Knight is countering a spell that has a duration that lasts longer than the counter, repeating the counter can maintain the character's guard without letting any damage through. This requires precise timing.

Spell enchanted shields

Magick shields can be used with an elemental Counter, Riposte, or Feint spell, together with the Reflect core skill - this combination triggers an elemental riposte when an enemy's attack is Perfect Blocked.

Other shield enchantment spells do not produce a Riposte. They do however often benefit from perfect blocks. Demonspite charges far more rapidly, whilst Holy Aid recovers more health.

Spell Riposting

Once a shield is enchanted with a Counter, Riposte, or Feint buff (such as Flame Riposte -  these enchantments are collectively called Ripostes) the shield gains an elemental enchantment that stacks additional magickal and elemental damage into the Mystic Knight's blocks. 

Without the core skill Reflect, blocks and perfect blocks function as with an unenchanted shield.  Though the shield will produce a small amount of elemental discharge on each block, more so on a perfect block - a magick shield enchanted with Fire Riposte has a chance to inflict Burning on a direct attacker, especially if perfect blocked. Other elemental Ripostes have corresponding secondary elemental discharges, such as Levin for Lightning Trance (which can inflict Shock), etc.

With the core skill Reflect, an elementally-enchanted magic shield will generate a powerful offensive spell in Riposte if an attack is perfect blocked. The spell Ripostes are similar in power and effect to some Mage and Sorcerer staff skills. A Lightning enchant summons a Levin-like discharge; Fire gives an Ingle-like response; and Ice a Frazil-like blast. Dark summons a torpor-inflicting cloud that damages, whilst a Holy enchant creates unique orbs that automatically home in on the target to inflict damage and also return health to the Mystic Knight.

A spell triggered from a Riposte-buffed perfect block will fire a Great Cannon sigil.  This extra damage source stacks into the Mystic Knight's counter. If the triggered Great Cannon sigil is within the area of effect of a pawn's spell, such as High Fulmination, the Sorcerer's spell damage will also stack into the Mystic Knight's counter.

As with a normal perfect block, if a Riposte-enchanted perfect block is performed, the Mystic Knight expends no stamina and takes no damage. A banging sound will be heard when the shield blocks and repels damage. Furthermore, any spell cast as the discharge of the elemental Riposte does not use any of the Mystic Knight's stamina.

Permanently-enchanted shields

Certain magick shields such as the Thunder Kite Shield carry a permanent magical enchantment.  Such shields do not generate the Riposte spells that spell enchantment brings. The magic enhancement does, however, increase the power of any spell cast onto or with the shield.

An upgraded Rusted Magick Shield may inflict poison and torpor debilitations on enemies under certain conditions, such as when used with a spell-based elemental riposte.

Magick Shields List

All magick shields are listed with dragonforged stats and are sorted from strongest to weakest using the strength and magick stats combined.

Name Strength Magick Slash Strength Bludgeoning Strength Stagger Power Knockdown Power Element Debilitations Weight
Diabolic Shield
567 1044 0% 100% 540 540 - - 2.18
Purged Buckler
480 976 0% 100% 453 453 Holy - 2.09
Dragon's Faith 328 679 0% 100% 375 375 - - 2.36
Dark Buckler 316 637 0% 100% 382 382 - - 2.27
Lustrous Greatshield 302 617 0% 100% 404 404 Holy - 1.55
Angel's Sanctum 249 502 0% 100% 347 347 - - 2.07
Wizard's Vizard 148 319 0% 100% 365 365 - - 1.94
155 302 0% 100% 317 317 - - 1.40
Thunder Kite Shield 120 324 0% 100% 301 301 Lightning - 2.63
Blue Kite Shield 146 289 0% 100% 316 316 - - 2.00
Fine Magick Buckler 132 264 0% 100% 304 304 - - 1.77
Knight's Honor 125 251 0% 100% 289 289 - - 1.98
Magick Buckler 115 234 0% 100% 286 286 - - 1.66
109 226 0% 100% 301 301 - - 1.86
Wooden Wall 103 220 0% 100% 282 282 - - 1.82
Rusted Magick Shield 46 82 0% 100% 196 196 - Poison, Torpor 1.96


  • Lower-level Magick Shields are very difficult to use for Perfect Blocks, especially if not reinforced or Dragonforged. Their knockdown/stagger resistances are very low and simply cannot withstand the force of incoming damage, so the guard of the Mystic Knight is easily broken by a blow. Guard is defined as resisting the force of an incoming blow.  Broken guard is indicated by the Mystic Knight simultaneously swinging his/her magick shield quickly to the left and staggering back two steps.
  • The enchanted perfect block animation is different from a standard perfect block since it incorporates casting a spell related to the elemental Riposte chosen by the player.
  • The strength and magic properties of the primary weapon have no effect on the power of reflected blocks or 'riposte' spells produced from the magick shield.