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Auguments Magic Archer Magnitude
Augment Info
Magick Archer
DP Cost
Rank Req.
Rank 9

Magnitude is an augment available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Increases the effect when you debilitate adversaries with the Five Archmagicks."

Japanese : 主要五属性魔法による状態異常攻撃の威力を上げる


  • NB The augment may be bugged and give no bonuses whatsover (verify, Tested both Xbox versions)
    • Doesn't increase the base damage of magic attacks, or increase damage from successive magic attacks.
    • Doesn't appear to increase the likelihood of inflicting an archmagick based debilitation eg frozen, on fire etc (needs testing against more resistant enemies)
    • Doesn't make archmagick debilitations last any longer eg duration of freeze, burning etc
    • Doesn't increase likelihood  or amount of healing taken from targets of holy archmargick attacks.
    • Doesn't increase successive damage taken when a creature debilitated with one archmagick is attacked with a second - e.g., Ingle damage on monster frozen with Frazil.
    • Doesn't increase damage from burning inflicted by fire archmagick.
  • Resistance, Toxicity, and Morbidity all have confusing descriptions. Magnitude also has a similar description, except it says "the effect" where the others say "cumulative damage" - so is probably a different aspect of debilitations from the increased or decrease chance effect seen from the other augments

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