Mainland is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


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The mainland is a place the Arisen can not visit. Some inhabitants of Gransys speak of it either from their own experiences or tales heard from others.

The geographical location of the mainland is unknown. The only thing known about the mainland is that is has at least one city, Auldring (Milly, a Sister of the Faith, speaks of this place), a structure known as the Great Library, and a structure known as the Grand Cathedral.

At their formation the states of both Liore and Gransys were created as dukedoms answerable to the mainland.


Merrick, for example, says he went to see the Great Library and upon his return saw people frightened due to The Dragon's presence, while Brice states that he has run from the Dragon before, back when he worked in a city on the mainland, and saw many people trampled by others during flight from that city.

Julien speaks of the mainland saying he was sent from Voldoa, a kingdom located there, to aid Duke Edmun Dragonsbane against the Wyrm.

Pablos mentions the Faith is sending believers to the Grand Cathedral on the mainland to gather accounts from those who saw The Dragon—apparently to study it.

Other people who have visited or are originally from the mainland include Vander, Heraldo, and the visiting priest Auster.

Notes and speculation

  • Several kingdoms and duchys are known to the people of Gransys - including Hearthstone, Meloire, and Voldoa - all a described as 'neighbors' but do not necessarily share a land border - it is not known which if any, or all, of these lie on the Mainland.
  • Gransys lies on the Liogran Peninsula, which may be connected to the Mainland, though early maps show it as an island.
    • The place known as Liore is adjacent to the west Gransys, on the Liogran Peninsula, and shares a land border.