Mason is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


Name: Mason (pseudonym)

Role: Unknown

Personality: Secretive. Little is known of the mysterious man called Mason. Some say he is a spy for a secret organization. Other suggest he may be involved with things more nefarious.

Relationship: Unknown

"Mason is skilled in smooth, elegant conversation, a vital tool to get close to others without arousing any suspicion. To the casual observer, he appears to be an affable and cheerful man with an excellent disposition.

However, this is simply an act he puts on in order to complete his mission, and not a reflection of his own true nature. Behind this façade, he is incredibly cold, calculating, and chillingly inhuman.

His standards for judging good and evil also differ from those of most of humanity. All that matters to Mason is completing the tasks given to him, and he will do whatever is required in order to achieve this. He does not hesitate nor feel guilt for committing acts such as thievery, intimidation, or murder, which may be frowned upon by the world in general.
―Mason's Tale.[1]

Mason is a religious man, and works as an agent working for The Faith tracking down a Salvation plot. After the infiltrating Salvation quest he can be found at The Abbey kneeling in prayer before the altar or sitting in one of the pews.

During the quest A Parting Gift he offers to escort Quina to the Grand Cathedral and jokes with the Arisen that he can be entrusted with the task.


  1. First meeting: Gran Soren Fountain Square
  2. Seeking Salvation: Aqueducts
  3. After Seeking Salvation: Fountain Square (Night)
  4. After completing Seeking Salvation: The Abbey

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In the Abbey, after Justice Done but prior to completing A Parting Gift:

  • We meet again, friend.  As you like know by now, my aim is to learn the designs of a certain society.... I've about enough information to pick up and head home.  Another strange coincidence... Seems a lady friend of yours is eager to become acquainted with the organization I serve.  We share a certain bond, you and I.  I'm not beyond giving the girl an introduction, should the opportunity arise.  Like as not, she'll need it.  There are as many youths who wish to train at the Cathedral as there are grains of sand in your little village.  
  • That girl newly come to the Abbey certainly holds you in her trust, eh friend?  Heh heh  Trust's a tricky thing, not for the craven, that much is sure.

During A Parting Gift:

  • Quina, was it? seems the girl's taken with the idea of training at the Grand Cathedral. We're mates, you and I, mm?  Per'aps I'll take the girl there myself. Don't look so worried, friend. Heh heh  



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