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Master Thief
Skill Strider Master Thief
Skill Info
DP Cost
Rank Req.
Strider (Rank 8)

Master Thief is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Pilfer that lets the user steal multiple items at once and increases the chances of nabbing rare items."

For a list of stealable items, see Master Thief - Pilferage List.


  • An advanced version of Pilfer.
  • Typically returns 2 items upon successful use.
  • Successfully using this skill on a creature means the creature will not drop any items upon defeat.
  • "Breakable" items such as cyclops tusk or chimera tails will still drop.
  • Enemies must be grappled/held or debilitated with blindness or sleep for this skill to work.
  • Blinder and Sleeper arrows can be purchased at Camellia's Apothecary.
  • Utilize these arrows with Threefold Arrow or Fivefold Flurry to quickly debilitate the target.
  • Strider pawns will use this skill sparingly.
  • Fighter or Warrior pawns with the Utilitarian inclination assist more often with holding enemies so this skill can be utilized.
  • The Ensnare/Implicate skill will either stun or knock-down most small or medium size enemies. Using this skill can help to increase the chance that an aforementioned pawn will grapple the affect enemy.
  • Utilize the Ensnare/Implicate skill instead of arrows at higher levels when facing weaker enemies.
  • The Barbed Nails accessory seems to increase the knockdown effectiveness of the Ensnare/Implicate skill.
  • Responds to Godsbaning by changing potential drop; for example, if one uses Master Thief on a Condemned Gorecyclops and one does not receive the cursed object(s) sought, using Godsbane and reloading from an earlier save point may change the item dropped. 

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