Master Thief is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma. Used to steal items from monsters and other creatures.

This page lists obtainable items through use of this skill.

Generally enemies need to be grappled, asleep, or blinded for a successful item grab. Some lesser and non-hostile creatures can be pilfered from without being debilitated or blind.



Creature Common item Rare item Notes
Giant Bats Large Nut, Nostalgia Dust, Small Nut Vigilite
Boar Apple, Backfat Oil, Carrot, Twigbean Harspud Milk
Deer Berry, Carrot, Greenwarish, Large Nut, Mithridate, Potent Greenwarish, Twigbean Peppermint Seed
Oxen Greenwarish, Potent Greenwarish, Shackle, Strongwarish Dose of Strength, Font of Vigor, Isometricine
Rabbit Apple, Berry, Carrot, Greenwarish Potent Greenwarish, Strongwarish
Giant Rat Rock, Rotten Egg, Small Rank Fish Goldbean Grind, Silverwheat Paste
Snake Egg, Rotten Egg Golden Egg
Spiders Cedar Branch, Pine Branch, Small Nut Bottled Haste


Creature Common item Rare item Notes
Soldier (Road patrol) Gold (100-1000), Flask of Oil, Interventive, Royal Banner ?
Soldier (Gran Soren) Conqueror's Periapt, Veteran's Periapt ?
Pawns (Wandering) Angel's Periapt, Balmy Perfume, Banker's Periapt, Foreign Knife, Harspud Sauce, Jewel of Health, Jewel of Darkness, Kept Ambrosial Meat, Kept Sour Ambrosial Meat, Mage's Periapt, Pickled Mushrooms, Rousing Incense, Staminal Drench, Veteran's Periapt, Vigor Extract Adventurer's Cloak, Bandit's Mask, Decoction of Bandlily, Enlistment Corps Banner, Gryphic Gold, Iridescent Talisman, Jewel of Toxicity, Kunai, Liquid Vim, Ring of Gules, Ring of Purpure, Salomet's Secret, Shackle, Sobering Wine Exploit You can possibly steal the same items from the same pawn indefinitely by moving away from the pawn until they are no longer in sight - waiting a few seconds then approaching again.
Bandit Angel's Periapt, Bandit's Mask, Banker's Periapt, Iridescent Talisman, Jewel of Health Silver Ring, Stone-Moss Poultice
Salomet Jewel of Darkness, Mage's Talisman ? Skill only seems usable at the Battle in the Ancient Quarry battle
Salvation Member Balmy Perfume, Decoction of Bandlily, Jewel of Toxicity, Mage's Periapt, Rousing Perfume, Veteran's Periapt Salomet's Secret

Hostile Creatures

Creature Common item Rare item Notes
Chimera Detoxicating Powder, Freakish Scale, Peppermint Seed Freakish Mane, Ring of Azure, Ring of Gules, Ring of Purpure, Tagilus's Miracle Up to six items can be stolen
Gorechimera Black Freakish Scale, Font of Constitution, Steel Nut Salve Black Freakish Mane, Ring of Azure, Ring of Gules, Ring of Purpure, Tagilus's Miracle Up to six items can be stolen

Cockatrice Cockatrice Liquor, Jewel of Petrification, Panacea, Slick Black Pinion Dignified Earring, Ferrystone, Mushroom Potage, Sobering Wine Up to six items can be stolen

Cyclops Beast-Steak Liquid Vim, Mushroom Potage, Tagilus's Miracle Up to six items can be stolen. If Armoured also Cyclops Veil, Salubrious Brew, Staminal Drench, Vigor Extract
Gargoyle Copper Ore, Jewel of Petrifaction Petrifactor
Goblin Absorbent Rag, Goblin Horn, Hunk of Ore, Rotten Egg, Wormwood Sap Harspud Milk, Pickled Mushrooms
Hobgoblin Curious Wine, Iron Blade Piece, Slate-Colored Horn Cloudwine, Eyedropper, Harspud Juice, Stone-Moss Poultice
Harpy Harpy Pinion, Light-Cure Gryphic Cloak, Harpy Cloak, Jewel of Vicissitude, Mage's Talisman, Silk Lingerie
Snow Harpy Glacial Rectrix, Light-Cure, Peppermint Seed Harpy Cloak, Ring of Azure
Hellhound Ember Crystal, Scrag of Beast ?
Ogre Beast-Steak, Ogre Bone Grandgrapes, Vigor Extract, Silk Lingerie Up to four items can be stolen
Saurian Clean Cloth, Detoxicating Powder, Fisheye Stone, Large Fish, Poison Flask, Poison Sac Serenity Extract, Steel Nut Salve
Geo Saurian Font of Constitution, Serenity Extract, Smother Sap ?
Sulfur Saurians Yellow Poison Sac Bottled Haste, Panacea
Skeleton Craft Bone, Scrap Iron Bone Plate Armor, Interventive
Skeleton Knight Conqueror's Periapt, Hard Bone, Light-Cure, Scrap Iron Dark Peridot
Skeleton Lord Fell-Lord's Bone, Lordly Emblem ?
Skeleton Mage Agate, Decaying Grimoire, Mage's Periapt, Torn Grimoire Appendix Conqueror's Periapt
Succubus Dose of Strength, Light-Cure Ferrystone Forgery
Giant Undead Brawn Runes, Hex Runes, Interventive, Shackle ?
Undead (Villager) Absorbent Rag, Hoe, Putrid Gold Tooth, Shroud, Smother Sap Isometricine
Undead Warrior Aged Insignia, Interventive, Rusted Plate, Smother Sap ?
Wolf Hemp, Light-Cure, Scrag of Beast, Wool Cloth Lupine Veil, Silk
Direwolf Scrag of Beast, Vigor Extract Argence, Silk

Bitterblack Isle

Creature Common item Rare item Notes
Banshee Banshee Locks, Banshee Larynx, Tuft of Hair ?
Corrupted Pawn Bloodstained Periapt, Sullied Rift Fragment ?
Eliminator Bloodied Chain, Conqueror's Periapt ? Petrifying Arrows are another possibility
Gorecyclops Blue Iron Buckles (489, 48.9%) Cyclops Fang (307, 30.7%) Rugged Femur (107, 10.7%) Bitterblack Novelty Lv.2 (42, 4.2%) Bitterblack Novelty Lv.3 (39, 3.9%) Bitterblack Gear Lv.3 (16, 1.6%) No Debilitation needed while Chained. Four items per steal. Sample size: 1,000
Greater Goblin Liquid Effluvium, Skull Pendant, Warmonger's Horn, Wormwood Sap ?
Leapworm Leapworm Jelly, Sour Scrag of Beast ? No Debilitation needed
Pyre Saurian Crimson Stone, Infernal Hide, Lava Rock Bitterblack Novelty Lv.2
Warg Sour Scrag of Beast, Venomous Cuspid ?